City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland


George Street Pedestrian-Cycle Trial Opens For 1 Year

George Street Trial

A reconfigured George Street was officially opened today that gives cyclists a safe East-West route across the city centre, free of tram lines and free of motorised traffic.

21,000 People Ride Edinburgh Trams On First Day of Operations

Tram at Haymarket

Three years late and hundreds of millions of pounds over budget, Edinburgh's £776 million trams were opened to fare-paying passengers yesterday.

New Edinburgh Trams Branding Revealed

Transport for Edinburgh, the organisation that runs public transport in the capital, showed off its new

Shandwick Place Re-opens Again Following Tramworks

Tram Works Shandwick Place

City centre tram works are almost over. Well, at least we hope they are.

Edinburgh Tram Video: Haymarket Hooker Hobbles Cyclists

Cyclists in a busy part of Haymarket are being hobbled when trying to negotiate a curving bend in the tram track outside Haymarket railway station.

Edinburgh Tram Testing Starts Today

Tram at the Gyle

Edinburgh's trams take another lurch forward today with the start of tram testing between Gogar depot and Edinburgh Park Station. The testing phase

Edinburgh Tram Ticket Prices Revealed

Edinburgh Trams awaiting use

A ticket for Edinburgh's new trams, due to be running by May 2014, will be the same price as a bus ticket Edinburgh city leaders have announced.

Edinburgh Trams - Taking the Tram to Bankruptcy?

Edinburgh Trams at Depot

Information has at last been released by Edinburgh City Council admitting that the tram project is going to run at an operating loss for the next fifteen years - which is a fact that the critics of

Edinburgh Trams - Does the City Really Want Them by Christmas?

Today's article in The Scotsman promising the beleaguered citizens of Edinburgh "the tram by Christmas" might be seen by some more of a threat than a promise.

Edinburgh Trams - Making the City More Dangerous?

Edinburgh Council has just accepted a report from Council officials that deaths from traffic accidents were 43% above target.