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Loony Dook Introduces £6 Fee For New Year's Day Splash

Submitted by edg on Wed, 27 Oct '10 5.27pm

It takes a certain kind of nuttiness to want to take a splash in the icy Firth of Forth on New Year's Day. But up until now at least you weren't charged for it. For the first time, on New Year's Day revellers will be charged a £6 fee for the privilege of joining in the Loony Dook.

Royal Week in Edinburgh

Submitted by edg on Mon, 12 Jul '10 7.52pm

Royal Week (aka Holyrood Week) is an annual visit by the reigning British monarch to the city of Edinburgh. For around a week, usually at the end of June to early July, the Royal Family takes up residence in the Palace of Holyrood House.

Thistle Installation Service

Submitted by actionman on Mon, 12 Jul '10 7.25pm

The Thistle Installation service, is usually held in the Chapel of the Order of the Thistle in St Giles Cathedral every other year. The Order of the Thistle is one of the most exclusive honours bestowed upon an individual by the Queen (the English equivalent is the Order of the Garter), and as such makes a colourful heraldic spectacle during Royal Week (aka Holyrood Week) in Edinburgh.