Visiting Edinburgh

Edinburgh visitor attractions and info.

Scottish airports are trying to get back to normal as the ash cloud from the Grimsvötn volcano in Iceland disperses out of UK airspace. However, disruption is expected to continue as airports clear the backlog caused by yesterday's delays. Flights to Germany, Denmark, and Northern Europe are also being impacted  as the ash cloud drifts Eastwards.

As the UK's second most popular tourist destination, Edinburgh has a broad selection of accommodation from a range of hotels and guesthouses to self-catering and hostels.

Hillwalking is a popular pasttime in Scotland, given its abundant and accessible wilderness, and often spectacular natural beauty. There are also public rights of way for most wilderness spots, with hostels to base yourself out of, and on the mountain themselves, publicly available "bothies" or mountain huts. Remember to plan ahead and tell someone where you are going and when you will be back.

The Scotland Food & Drink Theatre at the Royal Highland Show will stage nine demonstration sessions daily over the four days of the show this year. The theme of the food and drink industry showcase, which is under the supervision of writer-broadcaster Wendy Barrie, is “A Celebration of Scotland”.

Edinburgh is a great city for walking due to its compact design and large green areas, and yet  apparently we could be doing more walking. Hence Walk Edinburgh Week - a series of events aimed at drawing out the pedestrian in us.

The longest of 26 walks that take place in Walk Edinburgh Week, this almost 13 mile walk winds through the city from the Pentland foothills of Bal

Motorists are being told to watch out for young deer straying across the motorway while driving in the Central Belt.  Government agency Scottish Natural Heritage says deer-vehicle collisions often peak in late April to mid-May, as juvenile deer are out on their own for the first time.

On the last Friday of every month, cyclists of every hue from around the world ride together through city streets in a show of biking solidarity.

The union of Prince William and Catherine Middleton is being marked across the UK by a national holiday. The Nationalist Scottish Government announced, on 23 November, that Scotland would mark the  public holiday too (see First Minister Alex Salmond's statement).

The Royal Lyceum Theatre's 2011/12 season will see eight new productions including four world premieres and a show at the Festival Fringe in August.