City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

The Witches of Eastwick

By Gordon Clayton - Posted on 11 December 2008

Show Details
Touring Company
Nikolai Foster (Director), John Dempsey(book), Dana P Rowe (Music)
Marti Pellow (Darryl), Ria Jones (Alexandra), Rebecca Thornhill (Suki), Poppy Tierney (Jane), Claire Pratt (Felecia)
Running time: 

Villainous, lascivious, devilish all describe Marti Pellow's interpretation of Darryl Van Horne in the Witches of Eastwick which started runs at the Playhouse over the festive season.

This is the musical equivalent of a chick flick with a predominantly female audience lapping up every pelvic thrust and innuendo that his character throws at you.

This is small-town America and his affect on the population. Bewitched, bothered, but not bewildered the show develops from a slow start. The three ‘witches' were for me the real stars with excellent singing and dancing throughout as they come under the spell of the newcomer (the Devil/Van Horn).

The show is colourful and the lighting and staging well up to standard. The supporting cast especially Felecia played by Claire Pratt romped through the show effortlessly as it comes near the end of its tour.

The music is pleasant but with the exception of the number about ‘dirty laundry' hardly memorable. As a vehicle for Marti Pellow, it's fine but not a show you would return to over and over unless you were a fan. This is definitely one for the ladies!