City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Gilmerton Cove

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Gilmerton Cove
16 Drum St
Edinburgh EH17 8QH
Venue details
Edinburgh Area: 
Gilmerton, Edinburgh
Telephone (box office): 
0131 226 0000

Opened to the public fewer than 10 years ago, Gilmerton Cove is an underground warren of tunnels and rooms hand carved in to the sandstone bedrock and dating back hundreds of years ago.

What exactly the cove was used for remains a mystery, though speculation ranges from dwelling place, to secret society meetings, to illicit business of all sorts.

It has become a very popular tourist destination as you are able to walk through and experience the stone-carved furnishings and atmosphere of a secret subterranean den. Located beneath a traditional miner's cottage, Gilmerton cove is accessible by bus from Edinburgh city centre.