City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

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New Town, Edinburgh
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Mon-Thu: 12:00-22:00, Fri-Sat: 12:00-23:00, Sun: 12:00-22:00
0131 260 9896
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High-end burger joint, situated in the plush West End of George Street, at the corner with Charlotte Square.

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Over-priced burger joint

Reviewed by edg

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 - 7:28pm

I'm not a big one for burgers but on the occasion the mood takes me I'll usually head down to the no frills Bell's Diner for a slab of americana. On this occasion, I decided to head up the hill to the relatively new (opened 2007) Gourmet Burger Kitchen, part of a UK chain of upmarket burgers. The prices were eye-opening - the most I've think I've ever paid for a burger. Unfortunately, the high prices don't translate into a stellar meal, and I'm sure the prime location of the joint on the corner of George Street and Charlotte Square has something to do with it. The venue has an airy, light interior, however on this occasion I was getting a carry out. I went for one of the choices of veggie burgers, standing in line like other patrons who were dining in. It was tasty enough, although over-embellished with liquidy sauce which meant it disintegrated into a sloppy morass. If the  menu wasn't so overpriced then I think this would be more an attractive food option - after all there's only so much you can do with a burger.