City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Piece Box at Logie Green is now closed

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Broughton, Edinburgh
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Mon-Fri: 07:30-15:30
(0131) 5562622
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10 - 13

Restaurant now closed

Reasonably priced variety of home made sweet and savoury food served in a bright, cheery atmosphere.

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Great Scottish name for a Scottish food outlet

Reviewed by Irene Brown

Sunday, March 6, 2011 - 3:53pm

What a great Scottish name for a Scottish food outlet! Opened in August 2010, it is a relatively new kid on the block, but it looks like it’s hit the ground running. There always seems to be a hardhat and fluorescent jacket in its vicinity and they seem to have found the right opening hours to cater for these hungry construction workers and as well as local office workers. There is a bright, clean atmosphere with fresh flowers always in the window.

They offer a wide choice of breakfast dishes from full Scottish at £4.95, eggs (as you like them) on toast at £1.50 to porridge at £1 with other morning treats in between. Their menu displays home made soup (as well as a thoughtful choice of Heinz tomato!) but the window advertises a fresh main meal like stovies, chilli con carne, or stew. They do the usual range of coffee choices along with a small selection of teas and hot chocolate, all at reasonable prices. 

A varied range of sandwiches with extra fillings as desired on white or granary bread which can be toasted on request from £1.50 to £3 is on offer. Add to this salads and baked tatties and you have a fine lunchtime choice of fresh fare.

A delicious range of cakes, scones, and biscuits, all made on the premises, are well priced to allow a wee afternoon treat. I can vouch for the melt in the mouth cup cakes, the coffee cake that took me back to my auntie’s home baking and a version of millionaire’s shortbread – a gorgeous coconut ice base topped with chocolate. Ideal with a cup of tea and the afternoon play!

Piece Box also does outside catering and has opened a new branch at 2 Polwarth Crescent, eh11 1hw, 0131 629 6284.

Definition of "Piece" by Dauvit Horsbroch of the Scots Language Centre: In Scots we whiles hae pieces til oor denners. In the Inglis leid piece, in the Scots sense, wad be owerset as "sandwich or snack" tho the exact meaning can chenge a bittie gauin roun aw the airts. In mony places a piece wad be the same as the Inglis 'sandwich'. For instance, a jeely piece wad be a "jam sandwich" in Inglis while a piece an corn mutton wad be a "corn beef sandwich" in Inglis. In a wheen places - the North East in parteeclar - Scots speakers uses the term fancy piece: the Inglis for this wad be "cake or sweetmeat." This shop in Embra is cryed the Piece Box and the Inglis for this wad be "Lunch Box or Snack Box.