Edinburgh Venues

Title Street Postcode
Playfair Library University of Edinburgh Old College EH8 9YL
Talbot Rice Gallery South Bridge EH8 9YL
Old College Quad South Bridge EH8 9YL
The Argyle Bar & Cellar Monkey 15 Argyle Place EH9 1JJ
Roundabout @Summerhall EH9 1PL
Summerhall 1 Summerhall EH9 1PL
The Crags Bar 72-74 Newington Road EH9 1QN
The Mockingbird Bar 72-74 Newington Rd EH9 1QN
Apiary 33 Newington Road EH9 1QR
Southpour 1 – 5 Newington Road EH9 1QR
Kingsway Guest House 5 E Mayfield EH9 1SD
Sonas Guest House 3 East Mayfield EH9 1SD
Historic Environment Scotland Longmore House, Salisbury Place EH9 1SH
Mayfield Salisbury Church 18 West Mayfield EH9 1TQ
The Allison House 17 Mayfield Gardens EH9 2AX
Glenalmond House 25 Mayfield Gardens EH9 2BX
23 Mayfield 23 Mayfield Gardens EH9 2BX
Royal College of Nursing 42 South Oswald Road EH9 2HH
Underbelly's Circus Hub on the Meadows Middle Meadow Walk EH9 9EX
Scottish Parliament Holyrood EH99 1SP