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City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Video: Why 'Grabbers' Actors Had to Drink on the Job

By edg - Posted on 25 June 2012

Actors Richard Coyle and Ruth Bradley talk about their preparations for the "romantic horror-comedy" featuring an alien bloody-sucking monster in Grabbers.

In the story, the monster has an aversion to alcohol so the islanders have to spend a lot of time drunk.

Coyle recalls how as part of their preparations director Jon Wright “got us horrendously slaughtered” so he could film them and show the actors what they looked like when they were drunk.

However, says Coyle, the director was so pissed that he had problems working out how the camera equipment worked.

Coyle says he didn't end up watching the footage later.

Bradley did though.

"It was just horrific," she says. "And then we got rid of it afterwards."

The low-budget creature feature got a pretty good reception for its screenings at EIFF today and at the Friday premiere.

Coyle also appears at the EIFF in the high octane remake of Nicholas Winding Refn's 1996 film Pusher. Coyle talks about preparing for that role in this video here.