City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Video: Edinburgh Centre on Climate Change

By edg - Posted on 21 April 2011

This is a stylish, promo video for the Edinburgh Centre on Climate Change (ECCC), narrated by Sheena Macdonald with soundtrack by Moby. The project, which is a collaboration between Edinburgh University and Heriott-Watt university, took on a director in December.

The ECCC have just released a fly-through video of the new centre, which will be located at High School Yards site, adjacent to Cowgate in central Edinburgh, but this clip from last year provides a quick background explanation on the new centre and why it is being set up.

The video touches on "True Cost" economics, and the need for multi-disciplinary, multi-faceted solutions to the high stakes problem of climate change.

We hear that EC3 should play a role in communication and seize the business opportunities that come from the "greatest challenge of our time". (Jobs in the field of carbon accounting have already been set up at the centre).

The clip closes with pretty shots of the city, such as students rambling up the Crags in Holyrood Park, as Ms Macdonald says: "In Edinburgh, we recognise that climate change isn't just an issue for scientists, it's an issue for us all."

Finally, a rolodex of heavyweight intellectual and scientific figures from Edinburgh suggests that the city is perfect for this kind of pioneering project.

In terms of actual content, the video is fairly thin (well, it's a promo - see its site to go deeper), but it is encouraging to see leading Edinburgh institutions are setting the bar high.