City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Video: Edinburgh Princes Street Tramworks Re-opening

By edg - Posted on 09 December 2009

Official Edinburgh Trams video showing opening of Princes Street on 29 November, with comment from key players in this local saga including Richard Jeffrey, chief executive of Tie, and Cllr Jenny Dawe, Leader of the City of Edinburgh Council.

While aiming to bolster support for the unpopular project the video does a good job of showing Princes Street before and after work has been carried out.

There's no mention of dangers cyclists face getting their wheels stuck in the rails as experienced by cyclist David McCraw.

McCraw filmed himself, with a small mounted camera that he keeps on his handlebars, coming off his bike after hitting a tram rail.

In his introduction to the video on YouTube, McCraw points out that the main dangers are from crossing the lines at speed:

"To be fair the lines are not too bad when crossed at very slow speed (or hop right over) but at traffic speeds making a shallow move = not a good idea. How long until the first close-following bus or taxi driver nails a vulnerable road user?"