City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Cineworld To Start 3D Projection With Beowulf

By edg - Posted on 09 October 2007

Edinburgh Cineworld will be giving people the chance to experience new 3D technology with the release of Robert Zemeckis' quasi life-action film version of the Anglo-Saxon poem "Beowulf" on 16 November.

Cineworld is rolling out the 3D projetion, known as Real D technology, across 30 of its 72 digital auditoria in the UK with the Beowulf screening.

The Real D cinema platform enables a single digital projector to beam images that seem to move toward or away from viewers when wearing special, lightweight glasses. The technology is supposed to cause less eye fatigue than earlier 3D technology.

Steve Wiener, CEO of Cineworld Group, says the impact of the new 3D technology "can be compared to the move from black and white to colour."

Hollywood certainly believes that the future is three dimensional. DreamWorks Animation intends to produce all
of its films in 3D starting in 2009. Filmmakers such as James Cameron, Peter Jackson and George Lucas, are working with 3D. Lucas announced his intention to
remaster the original Star Wars movies in digital 3D, although no date
has been set at this stage.

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