City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

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Edinburgh Council - Trams Bandwagon Out of Control

Someone asked, can you write something positive and supportive about the Council, as it would look so much better?  Well we have tried to think of something but this is harder than it looks, p

Edinburgh Trams - Council Plumb New Depths in Relations with Residents

Edinburgh City Council - who have allegedly been short-listed for the title of the "the best UK Council" - managed to achieve the ultimate stroke of incompetence this evening, 7th Novembe

Scottish Government Agencies Responsibility for Edinburgh Trams

An interesting letter appeared in The Scotsman on 27th October:-

"A Streetcar Named Desire"

The sub-title of this lecture to the Royal Scottish Society of Arts was, "What the Edinburgh Tram fiasco teaches us about our attitudes to transpor

Engineer Delivers Damning Verdict on Edinburgh Trams

Alan Welsh, a highly experienced and respected engineer delivered a damning verdict on Edinburgh trams and the following is a quote from his letter, &qu

Trams Debt - Edinburgh Braces Itself for the Poor House

Edinburgh Tram and Lothian Buses

Edinburgh Councillors decided today to embark on a high risk - high spend - high borrowing strategy, which will without doubt have an adverse effect on every citizen in the city. To borrow £231 million for a project is one thing, but to borrow this amount of money, which carries with it a £15.4 million annual pay-back requirement, at a time when the Council are simultaneously embarking on a series of cuts and cost saving measures simply defies any kind of logic.

City Centre By-election Topics Dominated by Edinburgh Trams

In the run up to the Edinburgh City Council by-election tomorrow (Thursday 18th August) there have been three main hustings eve

Edinburgh Trams Continue their Unabated Waste of Money

It scarcely seems possible that at a time when the Edinburgh tram project is under such scrutiny for its profligate spending, that news emerges that the

Edinburgh Tops Credit Card Expenditure - Forget Edinburgh Trams!

It was reported today that Edinburgh City Council has topped the UK league table for credit card expenditure for public bodies with a sum of £355,000 as an average spend  for each of its 171 cards!   This puts it way top of the league of card expenditure with the next highest being Kent County Council with a meagre £108,400 per card.

Edinburgh Trams - City Council want to increase their committment ten fold!

So far Edinburgh City Council has only put up some £27 million for the ill-fated trams project as all the rest of the money raised thus far - £500 million - is coming from the Scottish Government, that we have all contributed as tax payers.

Edinburgh Trams Face Council By-Election Challenge

John Carson, who has long been opposed to the way that the Edinburgh trams project has been managed and run by Edinburgh City Council and Transport Init

Edinburgh Trams - Day of Decision?

Tram Works Shandwick Place

With the crucial Council meeting tomorrow (Thursday 30th June) on Edinburgh's Trams the members of the Council are still in the utterly ridiculous situation where they are being denied the facts on which to make a decision concerning what is probably the most complex engineering project in the United Kingdom at this time. Unless they sign a confidentiality agreement they are barred from seeing the figures behind the recommendations - and these figures are so distorted that they have provoked an outcry right across the city.

Council Claim "they have balanced the books again"

The latest Edinburgh City Council press release claims that the Council "have balanced their books again

Edinburgh Trams - TIE in Meltdown?

Edinburgh City Council appear to be moving to get rid of Transport Initiatives Edinburgh (tie) from involvement in the ill-fated Edinburgh trams project.

Edinburgh Trams - Crisis Deepens as TIE Board Members Walk Out

In the aftermath of the departure of the chief executive, Richard Jeffrey, the four non-executive directors of TIE have now left the board. This would seem to indicate that TIE itself is heading for disbandment.

Where now for Edinburgh Trams?

The election result in Scotland could not have been a greater blow for Edinburgh City Council

All Political Parties Desert Edinburgh Trams - But Chamber of Commerce Supports!

Tram track on Princes Street at night

Graham Birse, that well known pro-tram deputy chief executive of the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce continues to say he wants to have more public money poured into the bottomless pit that is the Edi

Edinburgh Trams - CRAG woefully misguided

The Capital Rail Action Group (CRAG) really has shown that it is totally out of touch with reality by launching a demand that the Edinburgh trams project

Edinburgh Trams - Councillors with conflicting interests to be investigated

Not before time, the Edinburgh Council Audit Committee is to investigate the governance issues concerning the situation where some Councillors serving on the Council's Transport, Infrastr