City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

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"Dear Mr Harper" on Edinburgh Trams

Dear Mr Harper

Robin Harper launched his autobiography, "Dear Mr Harper" last night at Blackwells book shop in Edinburgh.  Robin Harper is a very pleasant, genial man who became the first member of the Green Party to be elected to a UK parliament when he became an MSP in 1999. His book, which he wrote in association with Fred Bridgeland, is a pleasing read with several amusing anecdotes which will keep the reader entertained through its two hundred pages.

Edinburgh Trams - Council and Tie Drag Out the Talks

After a week of discussions, in their highly expensive, secluded retreat at Mar Hall Hotel in the west of Scotland, the parties involved in the Edinburgh trams mediation made a very brief media statement. They told us they "have identified what the problems are holding up the project".

Edinburgh Trams - Struggling for Political Support

Tram on Princes Street - Driver's view

The Institute of Directors, Scotland, held the first "Edinburgh Hustings" for May's Scottish Parliamentry Election a week ago on 8th March in the offices of HSBC in Hanover Street, Edinburgh. Four representatives of the main political parties were given five minutes to set out their policies before the floor was thrown open to questions from the packed audience of Directors.

Edinburgh Trams Project - Council could have to repay £500 million

STV News came up with some startling news - that the capital city might have to repay up to £500 million if it is unable to complete the ill-fated trams project. The statement by Ainslie McLaughlin, the Director of Major Infrastructure Projects at Transport Scotland, must have landed like the proverbial bombshell on the City Council.

City Council Set to Bankrupt the City with "Innovative Financing"

The City Council's plans to use what they describe as an "innovative" funding scheme to pay for future projects, sets the city on the same path as Bernard Madoff who created the infamous

Government Must Learn Lessons from Edinburgh Trams Project

Whichever party wins the next election for the Scottish Parliament they must take careful note of the way that the Edinburgh trams project has been mishandled and take steps to avoid any repeat of

Edinburgh Trams Workshops Start with a Sceptical Audience

Last night (22 February) the first of the Council's "workshops" was launched under the chairmanship of Dr Ashley Lloyd.   This was because  legal advice from the city's sol

Council Rename Princes Street to Honour a Princess!

PS street

We are not too certain whether the Council have decided to rename Princes Street to honour Prince William's bride-to-be, with its traffic sign on Frederick Street (above), but they have certainly u

Council Grasping at Straws to Save the Trams tie Floundering.

The future of Transport Initiatives Edinburgh (tie) must be in the balance.   Not only do they have a highly

Audit Scotland Report Confirms the Public's Worst Fears

Carrick Knowe Viaduct Works - 3 Oct 2010

As someone who wrote to the First Minister back in June last year I very much welcome the Edinburgh Trams Interim Re

Edinburgh Trams - A Year to Forget!

Edinburgh Trams Arriving 2011

It is almost a year since The Scotsman published a "platform" article as an open letter to Jenny Dawe, the leader of Edinburgh City Council. All that the lady managed in reply was to tell us that "the trams will be well worth waiting for". Well, Jenny we are still waiting!

Edinburgh Plunges Back into Winter

Edinburgh residents woke up this morning to find the city had reverted to winter snow conditions again.

Edinburgh May be about to Derail its Tram Project

Tram works on Princes Street (June 2009)

The resignation on Friday of three more key officials from the staff of Tie (Transport Initiatives Edinburgh) means that some six or more have abandoned ship in the past few months.   The

A Little Respite from the Snow

Heriot Row park

Edinburgh awoke today (Sunday 5th December) to another cold , wintry day - but thank goodness there has been no more snow overnight, which is some relief for us all in the capital city.

The Snow Brings Out the Best!

Snow on Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh woke up this morning to a real Christmas scene (again) - just four weeks early!  But in spite of this the children loved it, particularly those who found that the weekend had been extended by a day when their school was closed.

Thoughts on Edinburgh Airport Revamp

Airport bus

For those who fly frequently to and from Edinburgh, most will have welcomed the upgrading and development of Edinburgh Airport, although some will have reservat

Lothian Buses To Subsidise the Failed Tram Project

Buses on Princes Street

At an "Edinburgh City Summit" last Friday 15 October, to discuss the financial problems facing the city, Dave Anderson, Director of City Development, admitted that mistakes had been made

Will the Trams Bankrupt Edinburgh?

The Scotsman today highlights the announcement by Jenny Dawe, Leader of Edinburgh Council, that 300 jobs are to go in Edinburgh to help save £140 million.   How ironic when with the

Call for Stricter Audit Control of Public Funds for the Edinburgh Tram Project

Open letter calls for First Minister Salmond to exercise some badly needed control on public money being wasted on Edinburgh trams project.

Edinburgh Trams and Transport: What Do You Think?

Edinburgh Skytrain

This is the opening blog post on the fraught topic of Edinburgh transport and, in particular, Edinburgh trams!