EIFF 2012 Blog: 3 Films and An Event for the Diary

Submitted by edg on Tue, 26 Jun '12 10.21am

Wasn't it a good idea to bring back the Michael Powell award? Or rather a bad idea to axe the competition in the first place. Here's three strong contenders for EIFF 2012's mantle of “Best British Feature”.

1) Shadow Dancer (29th & 30th) James Marsh follows up docs Man On Wire and Project Nim with a  slow-burning thriller, based on Tom Bradby's novel, set in pre-peace process Belfast.

2) Berberian Sound Studio (28th & 29th) Another period piece, this time set in the Seventites. A British sound man (pictured above) working for the Italian horror movie industry becomes so immersed in his work that it starts taking over his pysche. Fujiwara almost seems lost for words,   describing this in a vlog as “an indescribable film, very very amazing”.

3) The Imposter (30th) A French con artist pretends be the lost son of a Texan couple. This truth-is-stranger-than-fiction story has already generated lots of buzz.

Plus one event for good measure.

In Person: Chris Menges with Seamus McGarvey (30th)

If you've ever aspired to shooting a film, or have any interest at all in cinematography, photography, and film then this should be down on your EIFF diary. Two very talented cinematographers chat about their work.