Road Restrictions and Closures For Edinburgh's Hogmanay

Submitted by edg on Wed, 21 Dec '11 6.06pm

Road diversions and closures have been announced for Edinburgh’s Hogmanay. The 3-day  programme marking the New Year kicks off with the Torchlight Procession on the evening of Friday 30th December.

A number of roads will be subject to closures and parking restrictions for the on-street events with  parking restrictions to keep diversion routes in the city clear.

In the run up to the events the Council has asked both residents and visitors to look out for advance warning signs in place on major access routes to the city centre that provide closure details.

Car and Parking Restrictions

  • King’s Stables Road will have restrictions from 19 December to facilitate loading and unloading into Princes Street Gardens, with further restrictions progressively introduced within the city centre area from 30 December. Parking restrictions will be clearly indicated by “No Waiting” cones, and where appropriate, warning signs.
  • Vehicles should not be parked within restrictions. All offending vehicles will be removed and may be subject to a parking fine and impound charges. Traders are asked to ensure all deliveries are completed prior to the introduction of the relevant restrictions.
  • Any amendments will be advertised by way of street notices and via the council site, which includes images of the road restrictions plans.
  • On Hogmanay night, a free intercity bus service is being provided to revellers who book ahead. More on buses.

Hogmanay Traffic Management Plans

Event & Date


Main Road Closures and Parking Restrictions


The Torchlight Procession


Friday 30 December 2011


6:30pm – 8:00pm


High St, Bank St, North Bank St, the Mound, Princes St, Waterloo Place, Regent Road to Carriage Drive up Calton Hill.


Parliament Square will close at 12:00pm.

High St, St Giles’ St and Lawnmarket will be closed from 4:00pm to 9.00pm.

The remainder of the procession route as well as the Mound, George IV Bridge, North Bridge, Leith St and Waverley Bridge will close at 5:30pm. All streets will re-open at 9:00pm.


Parking restrictions will commence 2 hrs prior to the introduction of road closures, and at 3:30pm for diversion routes.



Edinburgh’s Hogmanay Street Party


Saturday 31 December 2011


9:00pm – 1:00am


Princes St, George Street, Rose St, Castle St, Frederick St, Hanover St, South St David St, South St Andrew St, Waverley Bridge, The Mound, Market St, North Bridge, Bank St, St Giles’ St, Mound Pl, Ramsay Lane and Ramsay Garden.

Meuse Lane and South St David Street will close from 7.00pm on 30 December to 10.00am on 31 January.


Road closures and parking restrictions will then be introduced progressively in the city centre from 1:00am on Saturday 31 December to allow construction of the infrastructure required for the event.


Bank Street, North Bank Street, Mound, Market Street (between Mound and Waverley Bridge) and Waverley Bridge will close at 1.00am on Saturday 31 December 2011.


Princes St is already closed however the remaining section between Waverley Bridge and North Bridge will close at 3:20am, except for access/egress to Waverley Rail Station via South St Andrew St, and in its entirety from 6pm on Saturday 31 December.


The High St, St Giles St and George IV Bridge (northbound) will close at 4:00pm on Saturday 31 December.


At 6:00pm, all roads within the city centre not already fully closed, including Princes St, Rose St, Waverley Bridge, St Andrew Square (except for buses), Lawnmarket, Cockburn St, Market St, Lothian Rd (from West Approach Rd to Princes St) and Shandwick Place (except buses eastbound) will close to vehicular traffic until the morning of Sunday 1 January 2010.


George St will be closed at 9pm with Leith St (from Calton Rd to Waterloo Place), Waterloo Place and North and South Bridge closing to vehicles from 10:00pm on Saturday 31 December 2011 until 10:00am on Sunday 1 January 2011.


Parking restrictions will commence, in most cases, 3 hrs prior to the introduction of road closures.



The New Year Games


Sunday 1 January 2012


2:00pm – 6:00pm




The Grassmarket and West Port (between Lady Lawson Street and Grassmarket) will be closed between 1.00pm and 7.00pm.


King’s Stables Road will be closed between 5.00pm and 7.00pm.


Parking restrictions will commence 2 hrs prior to the introduction of road closures.


Please note King’s Stables Road will already have restrictions placed on it associated with the removal of equipment from Princes Street Gardens.