Storytime at the Science Festival

Submitted by Editor on Thu, 31 Mar '11 10.22am

In a brand new partnership for 2011, The Edinburgh International Science Festival has teamed up with the Scottish Storytelling Centre to bring a wide range of stories to the Science Festival audience and showcase some outstanding children’s science authors. 

Events in the Storytelling Centre for younger children include science storytelling sessions with an early morning session for kids over 3 (10.30am) and a lunchtime session for children over 7 (12pm). Author and Storytelling Centre regular Mara Menzies tells the story of Archimedes' brilliant discovery of calculating mass by displacing water (Sat 9 April), Ron Fairweather takes us into Batty’s Sphere as the potty professor takes us on a global journey to find stories (Sun 10 April), Alan Steel presents Fast Charlie Feathers, an ace pigeon who spills the secrets of his aerobatic feats (Mon 11 April), Marie-Louise Cochrane becomes Mrs Mash, the storytelling cook, as she shares some stories that explore Food Chemistry Fun (Tue 12 April) and Fergus McNicol becomes Captain Zeppo who Dive Dive Dive’s below the water’s surface to explore the biology of the ocean (Wed 13 April).

Donald Smith, Director of the Scottish Storytelling Centre, said “Story is a friend to Science, as interpreter, educator and playmate. We are thrilled to be sharing that creative front edge with one of the world's leading Science Festivals, I think this equals Enlightenment plus Fun, which sounds to me like the best of all equations.’

Science author events for older children and teenager will include Professor Lord Robert Winston who will be conducting live experiments – from glow in the dark jelly to balloon rockets to Get Your Brain Buzzing (Mon 11 April, 2pm); a Horrible Science event with author Nick Arnold and illustrator Tony De Saulles promising squishy, squirmy and generally disgusting science (Sat 9 April, 2pm) and Mark Brake and Jon Chase journey through The Science of Doctor Who – look out for aliens, time machines, cyborgs and Daleks (Mon 11 & Tue 12 April, 11am).

Dr Simon Gage, Director of the Edinburgh International Science Festival, said “We are delighted to be working with the Scottish Storytelling Centre.  This new partnership enables us to explore the importance of telling the stories of science, and introducing children to some of the fantastic science authors and storytellers in a series of interactive, entertaining events.”

The Edinburgh International Science Festival runs from 9 to 22 April 2011 across the city.

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