City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

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The Fringe's Unnoticed Enablers

Setting Up Baby Belly

They've nearly all finished by now, and a number of venues have already opened for at least preview business. 'They' are the folk who actually make the Fringe and all the other festivals happen in Edinburgh in August - the 'tech crews' as they're generally known.

Rose-tinted glasses or not?

According to the most recent reports (that
I've heard) the Fringe Box Office resumes business today. Possibly. Technology

Bargaining On The Vim

It's like the lists we're encouraged to make up in the panic-strewn pre-Christmas weeks - do we have a plan of the venue? Has it got enough detail for the designer and director?

Money, money, money...

How much does it cost to mount a show on the Fringe? Dreadful question, but art costs money somewhere along the line - even graffiti artists need materials.

Bleu, Blanc, Rouge - A fringe show in progress

This short effort will cover the run in to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. For the first time in about ten years, I'm directly involved in a Fringe production. I've written this one