City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

The Beerhive

By Irene Brown - Posted on 14 March 2012

Broughton village has yet another addition to their fine range of quality independent shops and it comes in the form of The Beerhive, a new beer and wine merchant that prides itself on being local, left-field, and independent.

It was opened in November 2011 by the enthusiastic and aptly named owner/ manager, Peter Sherry. He is a young man who has worked in the trade for over 8 years and who operates with the ethos of providing customers with products he loves at honest prices. His priority is being able to please customers by listening to them with the aim of giving them just what they want or at least, the very nearest thing.

The Beerhive’s main objective is to provide a wide range of wines, beers and spirits that will satisfy a variety of criteria from price, to quality and versatility. Carefully sourced ales, stouts and lagers from around the globe share shelves with an abundance of local and independently brewed gems.

Prices are based on an honest assessment of the product’s worth and what a fair price for that would be. Peter is playing the long game, and wants to run a local shop that caters to its clientele’s needs rather than being in the business of simply making a quick buck. With the ability to price their beers how they like, they can provide customers with top-notch tipples that will excite their palates and take them to possibly unchartered worlds of taste.

The Beerhive staff are fans of everything in their hand-selected range and want their customers to become as enamoured by these products as they are.

Their aim is to make everyone feel at home in the shop, while aiding them on a journey through their wonderful world of beers, wines and spirits.

From 1pm every Saturday, there are free tastings of a couple of selected bottles to sample in a relaxed atmosphere. The friendly staff encourage customers to ask about any products and I can personally vouch for their counsel on more than one occasion. A happy customer is a returning customer!