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edg writes on 3 November 2010, 8.53am:

Edinburgh's troubled trams project has suffered another setback. Trams chief David Mackay, who is also Chairman of Transport Edinburgh and Lothian Buses, announced today that he is quitting from his position as Chair of all three organisations. With immediate effect.

The sudden announcement comes at a time when the trams project - scheduled for completion in 2012 - is bogged down in a contractual dispute with Bilfinger Berger. Nobody is lined up to take Mackay's positions. A report on filling the vacancies will go to Council later this month.

Mackay has sharply criticised the German company that he has been contractually embroiled with, saying: "Bilfinger Berger was a delinquent contractor who scented a victim, who probably greatly underbid and who would use the contract to make life extremely difficult for...

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Buses on Princes Street

actionman writes on 18 October 2010, 11.05am:

At an "Edinburgh City Summit" last Friday 15 October, to discuss the financial problems facing the city, Dave Anderson, Director of City Development, admitted that mistakes had been made in setting up Edinburgh's trams project.   However, he still maintained that the project was required even though the value of waterfront property in Leith had fallen by 70% and that there were great difficulties in securing the funding element from developers to finance the Edinburgh Council part of the cost.

At the same time Councillor Jenny Dawe was telling the large audience that many cuts would have to be made and several in very "difficult  areas", some of which could be damaging.  There was much talk of "hard choices", but there seemed to be no difficulty in suggesting that the trams project would be financed by raising an even larger loan of many millions against the...

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Tram works on Leith Walk

edg writes on 8 October 2010, 11.38pm:

The company designated to eventually run Edinburgh trams, Transport Edinburgh Ltd (TEL), could be profitable from day one, according to a new report going before Council on Thursday 14th October. However, as always with Edinburgh's trams, there are some caveats.

The Edinburgh Tram Update Report, described as “a refresh of the business case for Edinburgh’s tram project“, advises that the original plan to build tram line 1A from Edinburgh Airport to the Newhaven waterfront would have to be completed in incremental phases.

The line between the airport and St Andrew Square would open first.

Buses not trams would provide the link with Leith and Newhaven...

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edg writes on 7 September 2010, 11.20am:

Prince Charles launched his START initiative tour, aimed at encouraging people to lead more sustainable lives, in Scotland yesterday.

The Duke of Rothesay, as he is also known in Scotland, sat on a collapsible red commuter bike, and donated a pair of green cord trousers to a Marks and Spencer Oxfam stall at Glasgow Central train station. Before departing for Edinburgh Waverley on the Royal train, which runs on used cooking oil, he gave a speech from the station platform and launched the “START cycling challenge” race from Glasgow to Edinburgh.

“What I hope to get across, to as many people as possible, is that however awful a predicament we face with climate change and the unsustainable use of the natural resources that keep us all alive, we aren't going to get anywhere by telling everyone what they need to stop doing."

“There's been quite enough of that in recent...

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Editor writes on 25 August 2010, 12.45am:

Arthur Smith's Traditional (though not particularly regular since it ended in him being arrested in 2000)

Tour of the Royal Mile will take place at 2am on Saturday 27 August. 
For those still awake and capable of walking after the Friday night frivolities at the Fringe this is an unmissable event.  It is expected that Arthur will be the only sober person present.
This tour is free and starts at the top of the Royal Mile somewhere near the castle.  So far publicity has been limited to one handwritten flyer which Arthur can only show to people.
"The extent of my budget to publicise this event consists of one piece of paper and the ink I have used...

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actionman writes on 19 August 2010, 4.09pm:

The Scotsman today highlights the announcement by Jenny Dawe, Leader of Edinburgh Council, that 300 jobs are to go in Edinburgh to help save £140 million.   How ironic when with the other hand she and the Council are trying to waste some £550 million of the taxpayers money on their trams - really it's a light rail - project which many critics have long said we cannot afford.   Where is the logic in this?   The next stage is that the city will be bankrupt.

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actionman writes on 11 August 2010, 5.21pm:

Readers of this blog should see this Open Letter, dated 11th August 2010, below:

The Rt Hon Alex Salmond, MSP
First Minister
The Scottish Parliament
Edinburgh EH99 1SP

Dear First Minister,


The citizens of Edinburgh – indeed the citizens of Scotland – are appalled by the way that Edinburgh City Council and TIE, its wholly owned subsidiary, are wasting public money on the delivery of the Edinburgh trams project.

I am writing this “Open Letter” to you in the hope that the Scottish Government will take immediate action to exercise some badly needed control of the public money which is being wasted on this project. We have made our concerns known to Councillor Jenny Dawe and the City Council through individual letters to Councillors, articles in the press and interviews on television, but our...

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Edinburgh Skytrain

actionman writes on 8 August 2010, 7.57am:

This is the opening blog post on the fraught topic of Edinburgh transport and, in particular, Edinburgh trams! While we plan on covering all aspects of Edinburgh transport, it's the tram project that currently has people talking. Everyone has an opinion on the subject, so I hope we get plenty of action on this site.

Can we afford this project in the current period of desperate economic difficulty?

I know the project has progressed a long way, but with the Council talking about borrowing even more money (£50 million has been mentioned) and the city having to make cuts already of reportedly £90 million in frontline services, the situation looks grim to say the least.

What do you think the Council should do?

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