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City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

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Leith Walk - view from above

edg writes on 8 August 2012, 9.34pm:

Britain's cyclists have proved indomitable at the London Olympics winning seven out of ten golds at the London velodrome, with track sprinter Chris Hoy's sixth gold medal making British Olympic history. Add Bradley Wiggins' win in the Tour de France, a first for a British cyclist, and there is no question that Britain is experiencing a golden age of sport cycling.

There has been much talk of the legacy of the Games and building on the momentum of Team GB's stunning Olympic successes.

One idea being floated by the advocacy group Pedal on Parliament is a cycle highway network named after Edinburgh's golden Olympian and "built to a golden standard".

Pedal on Parliament suggests we call it the Sir Chris Hoy Cycle Highway Network. There is, of course, the UK Cycle Highway Network. However, with many so-called cycle...

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Tram works July '12 - Edinburgh Airport

edg writes on 2 August 2012, 9.53pm:

Edinburgh Council has released a series of images showing that Edinburgh's troubled tram appears to be taking shape, with track being laid in the city centre and key parts of the infrastructure nearing completion.

The timing is, of course, a salve, to help sooth the inevitable frustrations that everybody in Edinburgh will be experiencing due to the endless tram works at Edinburgh's now busiest time of year. And to assure visiting media that all will be good soon enough.

The city's tram works are apparently keeping on schedule (check the trams completion schedule) and within the revised £776 million budget.

From the aerial photo of Edinburgh Airport (above) to the terminus at York Place (final...

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actionman writes on 19 July 2012, 12.14pm:

From an article in The Scotsman by Ken Houston, it appears that the City Council sent a team all the way to Melbourne to look at their tram system.    A visit to Melbourne by this group of "fact finders" from the Council could not have been to a more inappropriate destination - for a start Melbourne, with some four million people, is eight times bigger than Edinburgh and  then to try and compare the then proposed eleven mile Edinburgh system with that of Melbourne, which has over 155 miles of track and has taken over a century to develop, appears to be utterly deluded.

One has to come to the conclusion that the group from the Council were simply "on a jolly" and that this was all part of the attraction offered to the Council if they would sign up to the trams project.   But what a huge and totally unnecessary...

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edg writes on 6 July 2012, 7.49pm:

Parking in the city centre will be free from 5pm during this Summer's Edinburgh Festivals, from 6 August until 1 September.

The free festival parking initiative is being introduced on roads in the city centre, west end and east end (see list of roads involved below).

The initiative is part of the "Alive After 5" campaign, run jointly by the City of Edinburgh Council, Marketing Edinburgh and Essential Edinburgh and is expected to benefit central businesses, from small independent traders to large stores such as John Lewis, Harvey Nichols and Primark. Many businesses will extend their hours until 7pm.

The lost income from the free parking is expected to be around £55,000 which will be met by the three partners.

If the initiative is deemed successful it could be repeated during December for the Winter Festivals.

“We know there is pressure on Edinburgh businesses and we...

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Bruntsfield - from top of a bus

edg writes on 29 June 2012, 9.04pm:

Given the monstrous mismanagement of the Edinburgh trams project, and all the accompanying pain the saga has brought citizens over the years, it's sometimes a surprise to learn that actually parts of our local authority are quite respected by their profession.

The Association of Town Centre Management, a national body that has been involved with the push to rejuvenate town centres and high streets, has just included Edinburgh in its shortlist for its annual awards in the 'Best UK Town Centre Team or Town Centre Partnership'.

The awards recognise best practices in town centre management, in particular efforts to galvanise the ailing high street at a time when they are struggling from the combined downward pressures of recession, and loss of business from out-of-town superstores and online shopping (40% of purchases are forecast to be made online by 2020).

The five nominees...

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actionman writes on 27 June 2012, 11.26am:

The recent Legionella outbreak in the SW of Edinburgh has so far claimed two deaths and has been made front page news in the national press, radio and TV.   What the public is not being told by Council officials is that during the same period, and excluding the two deaths mentioned, the recorded number of deaths, where the primary cause of death was registered as being from respiratory disease, totalled forty people.

This information was provided today by the Chief Registrar who is based at Lothian Chambers in  Edinburgh in response to a freedom of information request.

One has to wonder why this information is not being picked up by the national media who gave such emphasis to the Legionella outbreak? The tragic thing is that this level of deaths, attributable to increased pollution, has not been identified by the Scottish Government, who should be looking at this statistic with real concern - and they should be doing something about it, not simply...

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Bus station entrance St Andrew Square

edg writes on 25 June 2012, 6.19pm:

Princes Street, west of Waverley Bridge, including the Mound, is set to re-open to buses, cycles and taxis by the end of the month.

However, from 14 July, York Place will close to all but bus traffic between North St Andrew Street and Broughton Street. York Place will then be closed to all traffic in September until the end of 2013, during which time the bus station will be re-located.

York Place is the final stop on the curtailed tramline, where trams will turn around before continuing out to Edinburgh Airport. 

In preparation for the major tram works, Broughton Street has been closed since 16 June to allow telecommunications ducting to be installed between Broughton Street and Cathedral Lane, part of a new connection hub for telephone wiring being installed on the North side of York Place which will replace cabling in the middle of the street.

While traffic is still running on York Place, one lane has been closed with traffic heading eastbound...

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Taxis Descending into Waverley Station

edg writes on 14 June 2012, 12.01am:

Edinburgh City Council is raising concerns about removing cars and taxis from Waverley Station.

According to a report being considered by the council, redesigning Market Street and Waverley Bridge to accommodate taxis, pick-up and drop-off points while maintaining pedestrian safety will cost up to £1 million.

Network Rail has delayed plans to remove all traffic except service vehicles while discussions are ongoing.

At issue is who will pay for the new road layout: Network Rail has intimated that the Department for Transport may provide a contribution, but this has not been confirmed. Any shortfall will have to be met by the Council transport department's Capital Investment Programme.

Detailed designs being worked on include:

  • Changing part of the carriageway on Waverley Bridge and Market Street to pavement;
  • Changing part of the pavements on Market Street to carriageway to accommodate parking areas;
  • Installing a...
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edg writes on 24 May 2012, 9.21pm:

Thousands of fines for drivers caught on camera driving in the bus lane on a busy Edinburgh road are to be waived or refunded, the Council announced today.

Drivers were unfairly penalised after being caught by one of two cameras entering bus lanes on Willowbrae Road in East Edinburgh. Edinburgh’s transport convener Councillor Lesley Hinds said that it was difficult for some drivers to avoid crossing bus lanes when turning into driveways and side streets, or when avoiding a vehicle making a right turn.

Out of a total of 4,301 fines issued on this road, 2,288 had been paid, 510 had been appealed against and 2,013 had not been paid.

In spite of misfiring, the bus lane enforcement scheme will continue, but the two cameras on Willowbrae Road are being removed until "a fair and workable system" can be introduced.

The remaining three cameras will continue to operate as usual on London Road and Calder Road.

The Council also said any...

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actionman writes on 2 May 2012, 12.25pm:

Sue Bruce and her officials must be somewhat uneasy as the Local Authority election tomorrow (Thursday, 3 May) draw closer.  

They have managed a virtual take over of the Council during the tram malaise which gripped the LibDem led joint administration with the SNP.

With all the squabbling and in-fighting that has gone on the officials have quietly taken control. 

Residents enquiries are ignored routinely, Councillors are denied information - and what information they are given is frequently very questionable.

For instance the inflated figures that were produced which influenced the Council to change its vote and take the tram to St Andrew Square (or is it to York Place now?) instead of stopping at Haymarket, were nothing short of downright deception.   

Add to this the clever...

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