City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

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actionman writes on 29 April 2012, 11.20pm:

Sources say that Edinburgh City Council are going to make available some £5,000,000 for businesses which have suffered financial losses as a result of the ongoing disastrous tram project.  The trams have been a blight on commerce in the city and the project  is running some five years late, wildly over budget.

All this has subjected traders in the city to untold disruption and the effect on businesses has been catastrophic. The offer from the Council is for a twenty percent discount on business rates, but limited to those directly on the construction site who can also prove they have lost money.   This is a start, but the Council needs to appreciate that the tram project has had the same stifling effect right across all areas of the city - what about the traders in Leith Walk, Lothian Road, Shandwick Place and Haymarket?   Everyone has been hit by the chaos of the tram works and the Council needs, through its independent...

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actionman writes on 27 April 2012, 11.14pm:

Edinburgh trams - a watchword for incompetence and what has become the business model round the world for "how not to run a project" have just come up with another incredible idea to add to the list of foolish, misguided and irresponsible decisions connected to this project.

This new development is what Council officials are calling a "tram shop" and it is to be on Shandwick Place - they are taking over a shop 'Sugacane', which was forced of business due to the tram works.  

Even the Deputy Leader of the Council, Steve Cardownie, branded the idea "ludicrous" and local business leaders said that they did not ask for it, so it must be the brainchild of that incompetent group of city planning officials who have been responsible for so many ill conceived schemes which have cost the city tax payers many, many millions of pounds over several years.

It is understood that the "...

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Tram works on Leith Walk

edg writes on 17 April 2012, 9.28pm:

Edinburgh Lib Dems have not given up on building the troubled tramline to Leith. In its manifesto for next month's Edinburgh City Council election, the party said that it would "present a revised business case for the extension of the tram line down Leith Walk and consider the best way to get trams to Little France".

The policy proposal was announced as part of its 24-page manifesto, launched today by Edinburgh City Council leader Jenny Dawe and Scottish Liberal Democrat Leader Willie Rennie MSP.

Edinburgh's trams are due to be running between Edinburgh Airport and St Andrew Square/York Place in the city centre by the Summer of 2014 (see completion schedule).

The revised cost of the severely...

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Cycle box on Edinburgh road

edg writes on 2 April 2012, 7.42pm:

Bike boxes are the focus of the latest road safety initiative by Edinburgh City Council and Lothian and Borders Police.

Personally, I like bike boxes. They give cyclists some breathing space (when they can get to them) and also makes them much more visible to other road users.

The campaign is aimed at both cyclists ("Stop in the box") and car drivers ("Stay outside the box").

The initiative comes a few days after the Council announced work begins on its new "Quality Bike Corridor" in South Edinburgh.

This will upgrade bike and bus lanes on a 2.2 mile route running from the High Street to the University of Edinburgh's King's Buildings campus. (Incidentally, the Bike Station's bike doctor is calling in on the King's buildings this Thursday (12-2pm) for students and staff looking for...

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Toads on Holyrood Park road

edg writes on 28 March 2012, 9.43am:

The Historic Scotland Rangers Service has put out a call for volunteers to leap into action and assist with the annual Spring migration of toads.

Early every morning Rangers carry out patrols to check the nooks, crannies and drains to ensure every toad gets to its destination safely.

“In winter the toads live around Arthur’s Seat and Dunsapie Loch," explains Katy Firth, a Ranger with the Historic Scotland Ranger Service at Holyrood Park.

"In order to get to where they spawn, they have to cross a public road with high kerbs. The problem is that when they are tired and hungry they can become disoriented and unable to make that last leap to safety... We need volunteers to help these amazing creatures cross the road safely.”

The annual ‘Watch Out, Toads About’ event will be taking place on Sunday 1st, Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th April.

Volunteers who would like to assist...

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actionman writes on 27 March 2012, 10.13am:

Well it looks as though Edinburgh Council's Lib Dem/SNP administration has finally done for the city with its chaotic tram project and has finally brought the city to a virtual standstill.   It has also managed to create the economic disaster which everyone was predicting.   In spite of all the warnings the Councillors persisted in pushing on with a totally unnecessary project which no one in the city needs or wants.

Rush hour traffic is now intolerable and is having a really active effect in driving visitors away from the city, just as the main tourist season is approaching.    There are increasing numbers of people in Scotland, and from overseas, who simply cross Edinburgh off their itinerary as the experience of getting about the city presents too many problems.

Along the tram route - and even in Leith Walk where the tram will now not go for the foreseeable future - shop...

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actionman writes on 27 March 2012, 9.06am:

With all the Scottish Government hype over the Borders Railway one actually wonders who really wants it?

If you ask people in the Borders  it is very hard to find people who actually support  the project.   All say it does not even serve the places that need it and the project is also going to upset the environmental lobby.

Are we starting out on yet another disastrous Scottish major project  - is this going to turn out to be another Edinburgh Trams shambles which costs hugely more than was intended?

Time will tell, but it is certainly hard to find enthusiastic supporters of the project at this stage - we seem to have had this all before with Edinburgh trams and everything sounds all far too familiar.

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West Maitland Street and Haymarket tram works diversions

edg writes on 22 March 2012, 7.31pm:

The next phase of tram works starts this weekend with ongoing works at Shandwick Place and Haymarket being extended to include West Maitland Street from 5am on Saturday 24th March

From 24th March, a revised set of diversions will be put in place (the image above shows diversions for non-bus traffic).

Access will continue for Atholl and Coates Crescents on either side of Shandwick Place, with one end of the Crescent being open at any one time.

North-South traffic will be maintained through Palmerston Place with through access available via Morrison Street and Torphichen Place.

Traffic on Torphichen Place will be reversed to flow from Morrison Street to Palmerston Place.

Traffic from Dalry will also be able to travel along Morrison Street which will become two-way as far as Torpichen Place.

Buses will be diverted locally via Rosebery, Grosvenor and Lansdowne Crescents in the north and by the West Approach Road in the south. Emergency services...

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Tram works in Shandwick Place 2012

actionman writes on 9 March 2012, 11.23am:

The refusal of Edinburgh City Council to reveal the cost of the pay-off for former trams head Richard Jeffery is just  the same as the banks giving substantial bonuses to reward failure. But even worse, this is public money and the public have a right to know how their money is spent.

Transport Initiatives Edinburgh (TIE) proved to be incompetent and was a failure, let's not beat about the bush, and Richard Jeffery was the chief executive. In most circumstances failure should be followed by the sack, but it seems that the Council desperately wanted to keep everything secret.  

This is probably because they had four Councillors, including Gordon Mackenzie who is Convenor of the Council's Transport, Infrastructure and Environment Committee, sitting on the Board of TIE, so they were extremely anxious to hide their role in the failed company and their part in TIE incompetence.

A  Labour MSP...

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actionman writes on 3 March 2012, 7.06pm:

On the day that we are told that the contractors of the Edinburgh trams project may have dumped  800 tons of soil with toxic waste at an inappropriate site in order to save a sum in the region of a million pounds, we hear that what was a much vaunted "Green" project, will force in the region of six million vehicles, including all heavy goods vehicles, onto streets through residential areas right across Edinburgh.

None of these streets were intended to carry this level of traffic - indeed many are where previous city planners carefully located our schools for the precise reason that they would be away from main road traffic pollution and noise.    This typifies the underhand, unthinking, and callous way in which this project has been planned right from the outset.

So we are stuck, as citizens of this city, with a one billion pound project (...

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