City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

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edg writes on 5 January 2012, 7.26pm:

More tram works are about to get underway in the city centre.

St Andrew Street and Shandwick Place will be closed from 5am on Saturday January the 7th and 14th respectively, with a series of diversions being put in place for traffic.

Apparently, the move is to start remaining utility work ahead of the major infrastructure work in February 2012.

Here are the road closure details:

St. Andrew Street: Work begins on Saturday 7 January. The East side of St Andrew Square (including North and South St. Andrew Street) will be closed to vehicles with all traffic switched to the West side (South St David St). The work site will extend down onto Princes Street and to the right as far as Waverley Bridge. There will still be access to shops and premises while additional support will be put in place for business deliveries.

Shandwick Place: Work begins on Saturday 14 January with Shandwick Place closed to all traffic between...

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edg writes on 3 January 2012, 10.10pm:

More wind is being forecast, although less than the gusts of up to 102mph that were recorded today at Edinburgh's Blackford Hill and which caused the Met Office to put the country on red alert, its highest level weather warning.

The Met Office has, however, issued a yellow warning of rain for tomorrow:

"Another spell of wet and windy weather will affect the UK during Wednesday. The public should be aware that heavy rain, accompanied by strong winds, may lead to localised flooding in western areas."

Today's gale force winds caused Edinburgh Waverley, the Forth Road Bridge, and Edinburgh Airport to close until the afternoon.

The storm uprooted trees and sent unattached objects flying (as you can see in this video of a Leith Walk wheelie bin).

A limited train service (see...

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actionman writes on 2 January 2012, 2.07pm:

That well known and very popular satirical magazine, "Private Eye"  has given Edinburgh an award under its "Rotten Boroughs" Awards for 2011. 


To Edinburgh city council, which despite scaling back plans to build a tram network consisting of three lines to just half-a-line, is still £200m over-budget and six years behind schedule.

With the pollution increasing across the city and the City Council awaiting a report on its handling of the trams project by the UN Aarhus Commission in Geneva, this has not been a year of great distinction for the City Council administrators or the Councillors.  

The prospect is looming of yet more disruption and misery for the city as the Council forces through the tracks for the light railway , oh, sorry, 'the tram' into St Andrew Square and on into York...

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edg writes on 1 January 2012, 11.02am:

From today, changes to the width of 5p and 10p coins will mean that you can't use them for any of Edinburgh's Pay and Display parking ticket machines.

The Treasury has introduced the new coinage as the cost of the copper used in existing coinage has risen. The new nickel-plated stainless steel coins are marginally thicker than the old version and will no longer be compatible with Edinburgh's 1200 parking ticket machines.

The Council says that upgrading ticket machines would cost too much.

"The price of parking per hour will remain the same but paying £360,000 to change all our machines made no sense," explained Councillor Gordon Mackenzie, Transport Convenor.

"I recognise the inconvenience this may cause, but in the circumstances it's the better option for drivers and taxpayers in general."

The smallest coin now accepted will be 20p.Drivers can also pay for parking without coins using RingGo cashless parking. All...

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Cars and People crammed onto the Mound

edg writes on 27 December 2011, 10.33am:

WWF Scotland has accused the Scottish government of taking a "complacent" approach to "dangerous" levels of air pollution in Scottish cities, caused mostly by motorised traffic.

According to an analysis of provisional government statistics for the past year, levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) pollution in parts of Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Perth are all in breach of EU health targets.

“It is totally unacceptable that Scotland has breached European air pollution targets for the second year in a row. As a result of a complacent approach thousands of people are exposed to dangerous levels of air pollution in Scotland’s major cities," Dr Dan Barlow, Head of Policy at WWF Scotland, said in a statement.

A closer look at the Scottish air pollution...

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Ainslie Place traffic congestion

actionman writes on 22 December 2011, 11.15pm:

Why has the City Council decided it must punish its citizens? The cancerous tram road works, closures, diversions, route changes and alterations seem never ending and everyone in the city, be they a pedestrian, cyclist or car driver is bemused, bewildered and angry at the incompetent way that the City Council have vested this wanton destruction of what should be an immensely attractive city to visit.

The tragedy is that things are going to get very much worse once the light railway is forced through the city via St Andrew Square to York Place. But don't be fooled, this is indeed a light railway and not a 'tram' as we all used to know them.

We are going to have the main intended through routes of the city virtually deserted while the traffic is forced through all the residential areas  to the detriment of the health of some 139,500 households (some 279,000 individuals as a minimum). But our happy go lucky Councillors...

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edg writes on 21 December 2011, 7.06pm:

Road diversions and closures have been announced for Edinburgh’s Hogmanay. The 3-day  programme marking the New Year kicks off with the Torchlight Procession on the evening of Friday 30th December.

A number of roads will be subject to closures and parking restrictions for the on-street events with  parking restrictions to keep diversion routes in the city clear.

In the run up to the events the Council has asked both residents and visitors to look out for advance warning signs in place on major access routes to the city centre that provide closure details.

Car and Parking Restrictions

  • King’s Stables Road will have restrictions from 19 December to facilitate loading and unloading into Princes Street Gardens, with further restrictions progressively introduced within the city centre area from 30 December. Parking...
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Trains pass through Princes Street Gardens

edg writes on 20 December 2011, 10.47am:

Train fares are set to rise from the 2nd January 2012 by 6%, more than the rate of inflation. Inflation was 5.2% in November. Train companies can increase regulated fares by Retail Price Index +1%.

Perusing the train ticket prices, it means that an off-peak day return ticket from Edinburgh Waverley to Glasgow Queen Street will now cost £12.10 rather than £11.40.

The same journey between Edinburgh and Glasgow Queen Street returning on a different day, using two off-peak tickets, looks like it will cost £12 (or £18.80 if you travel First Class) each way as opposed to the current £11.40 each way.

There are still some cheap singles to be had for early birds looking to save a few quid. For example, the 6.24am from Edinburgh to Glasgow Central on 11 January is only £7.50. There's other early trains coming back from Glasgow to Edinburgh at...

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George Brodie Shows Jenny Dawe the Controls

edg writes on 15 December 2011, 9.25pm:

The trams depot at Gogar has officially been handed over to Edinburgh City Council. The depot will be the control centre for the curtailed Edinburgh tramline between the airport and York Place, which is scheduled to open in the Summer 2014. The depot will also be where the fleet of 27 trams are serviced and parked overnight.

For council leader Jenny Dawe it was "a day of celebration" and "an absolute milestone" for the trams project, although the Lib Dem leader admitted that it was "a day that sometimes I feared would never come." She added: "It was a real boost to see the trams in motion along the test track today - a very visible indication of the momentum we have built up over the past few months."

Trial runs of the first five Edinburgh trams started on Monday on the test track at the depot. The 500m track, which will ultimately form part of the route, is being used to test the...

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actionman writes on 14 December 2011, 12.48am:

Someone asked, can you write something positive and supportive about the Council, as it would look so much better?  Well we have tried to think of something but this is harder than it looks, particularly at the moment.

The dreaded tram project has practically made Princes Street a no-go area because it is a most unattractive place to be as a pedestrian and the shopkeepers seem to be feeling the pinch, even in this normally busy period right before Christmas. Sale and heavy discounting signs are everywhere, not only in Princes Street; while there may be bargains to be had everywhere that the tram works have adversely affected trading. One has the feeling that traders in Princes Street are longing for the tram construction to stop just so that they can get a tiny fraction of 'normality' back into their lives.

Meanwhile the Council is being taken to the United Nations in Geneva...

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