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City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

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Edinburgh Tram on Princes Street

edg writes on 6 December 2011, 11.04pm:

Edinburgh City Council today reiterated that Edinburgh's trams will be rumbling through the city centre by the Summer 2014.

The council also revealed its "overall client target programme" (a completion schedule, to you and me), which identifies "the last remaining major milestones" for the curtailed tram project from Edinburgh Airport to York Place.

The timetable has been broken into various sections in the schedule. So, for example, you can see below that overhead line electrification on Princes Street will take from now until early 2014, but the direct impacts from roadworks and traffic management on Princes that this work necessitates will take place until the third quarter of 2013 (presumably before the festival in August). Trams works are currently suspended until January on Princes Street for the...

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edg writes on 29 November 2011, 12.27pm:

The latest tram works for the on-road route between Haymarket Station and St Andrew Square have been announced.

Here are the details:

St. Andrew Street: Work begins on Saturday 7th January. The East side of Saint Andrew Square (including North and South St. Andrew Street) will be closed to vehicles with all traffic switched to the West side. The work site will extend down on to Princes Street and to the right as far as Waverley Bridge. There will still be access to shops and premises while additional support will be put in place for business deliveries. Work is due to be completed by the end of 2012.

Shandwick Place: Work begins on Saturday 14th January with Shandwick Place closed to all traffic between Atholl Crescent and Lothian Road. Traffic will be diverted to either Melville Street for east bound traffic or the West Approach Road for west bound traffic. There will still be access to shops and premises while additional support will be put in...

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edg writes on 26 November 2011, 10.11am:

Edinburgh Airport is warning passengers that there may be some delays for passengers travelling on 30 November, St Andrew's Day, due to a strike by UK Border Agency workers.

The strike is due to start on the evening of Tuesday 29 November and last  until 23:59 on Wednesday 30 November.

In a statement, Edinburgh Airport said: "We expect some delays for passengers arriving on 30 November due to industrial action by the UK Border Agency. Arriving passengers will experience some delays at immigration during peak periods of the day. We’re working closely with UKBA as well as our airline partners to minimise the delays as much as possible and to support passengers as they arrive at Edinburgh.We will publish further passenger information on the website when it is available."

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actionman writes on 8 November 2011, 12.58am:

Edinburgh City Council - who have allegedly been short-listed for the title of the "the best UK Council" - managed to achieve the ultimate stroke of incompetence this evening, 7th November, when they organised a meeting to discuss the proposed "mitigating measures" to alleviate noise, disruption and pollution caused by re-routing due to the tram project, yet failed to produce the officials for the meeting! 

Members of the various workshops set up by the Council appeared at the City Chambers for the meeting in response to a letter sent out by the Council who had been asked to select the most convenient day to allow Council officials to attend, yet residents were told that one had gone to speak at another meeting and the other was 'ill' so those attending were left with an employee who showed them which room to use, but was unable to contribute to the discussion in any way.

It is little wonder that the...

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actionman writes on 28 October 2011, 5.58pm:

An interesting letter appeared in The Scotsman on 27th October:-

"Martin Hannan’s article (News, October 25) asks many of the right questions which appear to have been ignored, or misinterpreted, by Edinburgh City Council in their headlong rush to launch the trams project.

However, he appears to ignore the overall responsibility of the Scottish Government for the £500 million of public money which has been squandered on this project.

Why did Transport Scotland continue to release money for a project that was being constantly reduced in size and only suddenly come to life when the decision was taken by the council not to waste any more money and stop the project at Haymarket?

This meant Edinburgh City Council had then to embark on its open-ended development of the line to St Andrew Square where no final figure for cost has been agreed.

This leaves the council in an impossible position as it has no idea of the final bill...

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Edinburgh Tram and Lothian Buses

edg writes on 18 October 2011, 10.18am:

Finally, after the prolonged contractual dispute, things are moving again. Edinburgh's first tram - aside from the "display" tram that was stationed on Princes Street (photo) - arrived at the new depot at Gogar yesterday.

The vehicle was 'split' into seven modules for its 1,500km journey from Irun, northern Spain, and brought over on three low-loader lorries.

The tram is the first of the 27-tram fleet to be housed at the depot. Deliveries will continue over the coming months.

The depot is now electrified, allowing static testing on the trams to begin immediately. Dynamic testing is then due to begin in early December, once the test track is complete.

However, the trams aren't expected to be ferrying passengers along the curtailed route between Edinburgh Airport and St Andrew Square until 2014.

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actionman writes on 11 October 2011, 12.50am:

The sub-title of this lecture to the Royal Scottish Society of Arts was, "What the Edinburgh Tram fiasco teaches us about our attitudes to transport and the cities we live in."   It was given by Professor Iain Docherty, the Professor of Public Policy and Management of the University of Glasgow Business School in the Augustine United Church in Edinburgh on Monday 10th October 2011.

We were treated to a mini-history of transport through the ages with reference to the pre-1840s when the majority of people walked with the well-off using carriages, on to the post 1840 to 1930 period when the railways emerged and then horse drawn vehicles gave way to electrified vehicles, with finally the post 1930 period when the car took over and all forms of petrol and diesel powered vehicles prospered.

Next came a potted history of the...

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Waverley Train arrives

edg writes on 10 October 2011, 8.42am:

If you intend to travel by train over Christmas or Hogmanay now is a good time to start thinking about your train tickets. By booking ahead, you can save yourself a pretty penny or two.

For example, a single from Carlisle to Edinburgh leaving at a respectable 9.51am on 23rd December can be had for as little as £8. A return on the 30th December is also going for £8 leaving Carlisle at 9.36am.

Going further South? Travelling between Manchester and Edinburgh is £15.50 leaving Edinburgh on 23 December at 9.51am. It's the same price when returning from Manchester to Edinburgh on the 10.16am train on 30th December.

How about London to Edinburgh, where return train tickets are often into three figures? Well, the 5.48am train to London on 23rd December is £28.50. That same train was going for £18.55...

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edg writes on 4 October 2011, 10.07am:

In June, SatNav company Tom Tom issued a news release saying that Britain is the most congested country in Europe. Edinburgh made the top 10 of gridlocked cities.

In a new report, TomTom measured the top 50 most congested cities across Britain in the past six months to mark the launch of the Tom Tom International Traffic Foundation. The Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation whose goal is traffic congestion reduction.

Edinburgh came in at number 2 in the UK after London for congestion. Tom Tom says the Scottish capital had 33 per cent more congested roads during rush-hours than at off-peak times. (Roads were considered congested when peak time traffic is 70 per cent slower than at off-peak times.)

Edinburgh also made it into sixth place, for the biggest increase in traffic congestion between March and September 2011 - which is possibly the Edinburgh...

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actionman writes on 26 September 2011, 6.38pm:

Alan Welsh, a highly experienced and respected engineer delivered a damning verdict on Edinburgh trams and the following is a quote from his letter, "by default or design the original vote to terminate the Edinburgh tram at Haymarket would have resulted in the city being spared a major traffic catastrophe. Trams cannot be considered in isolation from their impact on other traffic and infrastructure.   City centre, on-street running of trams on over-used streets which are non-extendible and of  limited width, was always a disaster waiting to happen.

Taking the tram forward from Haymarket to St Andrew Square/York Place, will create a massive range of problems; firstly, there will be an impossible traffic situation at the Haymarket intersection where Georgie/Dalry and Glasgow Road traffic will have to be backed up to give priority to the trams.   Transport Initiatives...

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