City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Athole Brose Recipe

By actionman - Posted on 21 December 2008

This is the recipe for the alcoholic oatmeal drink known as Athole Brose, used by The King's Own Scottish Borderers (The City of Edinburgh Regiment). The Regiment, the twenty fifth of foot, was founded in 1689 and raised by beat of drum in the space of two hours for the defence of Edinburgh.


1.5 lbs coarse oatmeal
3 bottles whisky
2 pints cream
1.5 lbs clear honey
0.25 of bottle Drambuie
1 pint water


Divide the oatmeal into half and tie both halves in muslin. Place oatmeal bags into a basin and pour one pint of water with one bottle of whisky over the bags then let it soak overnight in the basin.

Next day, get another basin and pour one pint of cream into it; drip in the honey, stirring briskly so that the honey is dissolved in the cream. When a nice brown colour, stir in the remainder of the cream and honey adding half a bottle of whisky.

Go to the other basin and start stirring and squeezing the malty mixture into the basin. If you like a thick texture, allow a little of the oatmeal to go into the basin. Remove the oatmeal bags after a last thorough squeeze, while stirring all the time and then pour the contents of the cream/honey basin into the whisky oatmeal mixture in the other basin.

Continue to stir while pouring in the remainder of the whisky, then lastly the Drambuie. The more stirring that is done, the better and smoother will be the Athole Brose.

Use a funnel to pour the whole lot into clean empty whisky bottles then replace the tops and put into the refrigerator to chill. This should fill about four and a half whisky bottles. Allowing for tasting this should provide enough for 36 glasses of Athole Brose.