City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Victoria Day - Edinburgh Public Holiday

By edg - Posted on 04 April 2016

Victoria Day is a public holiday in Edinburgh. The day harks back to the heyday of the British Empire, with the cause of celebration a British monarch, Queen Victoria, who died over a hundred years ago. Queen Victoria was born on 20 June 1819 and died on 22 January 1901 after a 63 year reign.

Victoria Day is a "local" holiday as opposed to a national holiday - for example, the City of Glasgow does not mark Victoria Day. Victoria Day is also not a bank holiday.

In Edinburgh, Council offices and libraries will be open but schools will be shut.

The date of Victoria Day is always the last Monday before 24th May, the official birthday of the reigning monarch.

In Canada, where Victoria Day is a statutory holiday throughout the country, people fondly refer to Victoria Day as "May 2-4." A 2-4 is slang for a pack of 24 beers.