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Edinburgh Festival : August 2001

Archive: Edinburgh Festival 2001

EdinburghGuide.com's team of reviewers was hard at it at the Edinburgh Festival in 2001? Check out their reviews, news and recommendations below:

Cavalcade float . Copyright Geraint Lewis 2001The Edinburgh Festival Fringe
By far the largest part of the festival with over a thousand shows in the space of a few weeks. We've handpicked a few of them for you.


The Official Edinburgh Festival
It all started here... higher brow fare for lovers of fine music and theatre.

Festival Art in Edinburgh
Two punters report on the crop of exhibitions in Edinburgh's galleries in 2001.

Edinburgh Film Festival 2001
The most comprehensive coverage on the web of the EIFF from Edinburgh-based iofilm.

Bulletin boards
Find and share information on all aspects of Edinburgh and its festivals.

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