City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Judy and Liza - Me and My Baby Review

By Vivien Devlin - Posted on 25 August 2010

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Show details
Tempo Musical Productions
Running time: 
Simon Hanson (musical director), Norma Kinnear (staging), David Paris (staging), David Paris (choreographer)
The Company: Scott Anderson, Chris Crosbie, Pauline Dickson, Greg Donnelly, Laura Irvine, Norma Kinnear, Kenny Kinnear, James McCutcheon, Robert Moyes, Gaby Pavone, Rhian Reynolds, Lesley Ward, John Ward, Michael Bryant. The Band: Simon Hanson, Bill Blackwood, Simon Reeves, Andy Barker, Claire Taylor, Derek Love, Kenny Kinnear

The new series of X factor began last Saturday (21 August), with thousands of wannabe celebrities in Glasgow and London attempting to perform a three minute song. The majority could not sing a note, and the few who showed some talent, allegedly had their voice autotuned for the TV broadcast.

If any of the Tempo singers auditioned on X Factor, they would surely receive a resounding Yes from Simon, Cheryl and co. Founded twenty years ago, Tempo is an amateur Edinburgh Musical Theatre company but there’s nothing “amateur” about their Fringe show, “Judy and Liza”, which celebrates the fabulous hit songs of Garland and Minelli.

While I was perhaps expecting two female singers present an impersonation show, we were treated to an ensemble of twelve singers and a seven piece big band.

“Wilkommen” performed by Scott Anderson with cute, camp style and exceptional rich voice was the perfect opening number, slickly followed by “Cabaret” starring Gaby Pavone as the iconic Sally Bowles with the company all on stage for a neatly choreographed scene. Just two songs in, and we are all tapping our feet and silently miming along.

The show is devised around collections of songs from TV shows, recordings, concerts and movies, such as Meet Me in St. Louis: sitting in rows of Bentwood chairs, the company acts out a lively rendition of "The Trolley Song". 

From many fine solo performances, Robert Moyes singing “Embraceable You”, and Norma Kinnear with “The Man Who Got Away” are both deliciously romantic. A real show stopper is “A Couple of Swells”  with double act Gaby and Greg in a terrific duet and dance routine, complete with top hat and tails.

My only quibble is the rather lacklustre, low key ending with “Over the Rainbow.”  This classic, slow, reflective song was not dynamic enough for the Finale.  A better song would be their previous cracking performance of “That’s Entertainment” for a true Broadway showbiz moment to complete a fine tribute to these two fabulous Divas.

The Tempo company of singers and the Band are all simply fantastic, bursting with vocal and musical theatre talent, choreographic style and professional star quality.

Show times
23 - 28 August, 9.10pm

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