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City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

An Evening with David Hasselhoff Live Review

By Barbara Bryan - Posted on 22 August 2012

The Hoff - 2012 publicity
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Neil O'Brien Entertainment
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David Hasselhoff
David Hasselhoff

"Come party Hoffstyle" was the invitation, and that was the atmosphere created by this charismatic actor, comedian and singer. If you were ever a fan of Baywatch or Knight Rider then you would thoroughly enjoy his show.

It starts with a rock-like homage to Hasselhoff's career with film clips from Baywatch, Knight Rider, working with Mel Brooks on The Producers and his concerts.

He has a great singing voice. The audience loved it when he sang the Baywatch song, encouraging everyone to join in. 

And audience participation is an integral part of this highly entertaining show. He asked a woman to volunteer and join the two dancers onstage with a routine. Laura, from Spain, happily complied. Then there was a limbo dance where half the audience were loosening up their limbs, or in some cases, not, to get under the rope.

It was a fun, high-octane hour as he is adept at creating a good atmosphere and is a great entertainer.

Show times

Til 26 August, 6pm


22/23 August  - £17.50

24/25/26 August - £20

27 August - £17.50