Mod Review

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Infinity Repertory Theatre (New York)
Paul Andrew Perez (Book writer/Director), George Griggs (Composer/Lyricist), Melissa Hansen (Choreographer)
Tom Oliverio (Rory), Jeremy Bacon (Jackson), Brian Arkin (Wes), Joe Copolla (Multiple Roles), Lindsay Avellino (Hayley), Jessica Shaw (Kit), Lilliana Levonick (Cassandra), Ali Gips/Emma Wellington (Susan)
Running time

Mod is fun. Fun, fun all the way! Set in 1964 in small-town America, a group of devoted Beatles fans devour every morsel about their idols and the prospect that one day they will cross their paths.

Rory (Tom Oliverio) harboured ambitions of becoming the 5th Beatle and the show opens with him trying to mail himself in a crate to the next concert venue. While the music is the sound of the 60’s it is to the credit of the writers that they have come up with original music  that really works without resorting to a back catalogue of the times.

The cast all play teens with the exception of Joe Copolla who plays every adult part as well as finding time to become an additional high school girl.

The lengths that the group of seven high school students will go to come to the attention of the touring Beatles is played alongside the usual angst of being teenagers and the relationships within the group.

Although plenty of silliness abounds, this show is a light-hearted romp performed by a likeable and energetic cast from New York.

Brian Arkin as Wes has the geeky part trying hard to get the girl by becoming her slave and revels in the comedy that the part offers. Jeremy Bacon is a great foil for the hero Rory as Wes and is at his best in the scenes with the scary Cassandra played by Lilliana Levonick. Lindsay Avellino and Jessica Shaw (Haley and Kit) are the epitome of this show with high energy performances coupled with good comic timing.

The actor playing Susan (Emma Wellington/Ali Gips) plays the part of the girl dreaming of diverting Rory’s attention from the Beatles to her to perfection.

The choreography and singing are up tempo throughout and while not  mentally challenging at all, it was a perfect antidote to being soaked en route to the venue. Suitable for all ages.

Show Times: Runs to Aug 19, 8.15pm

Ticket Prices: £10.50-£12.50 depending on date - concessions available