City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Blink Review

By Barbara Bryan - Posted on 10 August 2012

Blink split screen
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Traverse Theatre
Soho Theatre and Nabokov Theatre
Running time: 
Soho Theatre and Nabokov Theatre
Harry McEntire (Jonah), Rosie Wyatt (Sophie)

Blink is a love story - albeit an unusual one with dark undertones. 

It involves a young man and woman - Jonah (Harry McEntire) and Sophie (Rosie Wyatt) - who are socially inept.

As their homely life histories unfold, layers of metaphorical skin get stripped away until eventually we touch their isolation, their reclusiveness.

But it is difficult for people to lead completely isolated existences, as it is only natural for human beings to communicate with one another, and as the story progresses it takes on a voyeuristic stance, initiated by Sophie, with unexpected results.

The play, written by Phil Porter, has great dialogue and incorporates much humour. Produced by the renowned theatre company Soho Theatre in collaboration with Nabokov Theatre, it is well acted. The stage setting is inventively multi-faceted and props were adeptly altered.

Show times:

Til 26 August, various times.


Sun-Thurs - £17/£12/£6

Fri/Saturday - £19/£14