City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

The Freckles Effect, Greenside, Review

By Gordon Clayton - Posted on 08 August 2016

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Triple Dare Musical Theatre Productions
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Mel Lawman (Director, writer & lyricist), Finch, Coleman & Cory (composers), Annette Hind & Heidi Postlethwaite (Choreographer), Amanda Hickmore (Singing Director)
A cast of 27 children & young people

Freckles create the feel good effect. Despite a slightly uncertain start, this new musical by Lawman, Finch, Coleman and Cory bursts into life as soon as the younger members of cast get going.

One of the problems for the teenagers is that they need to be convincing adults and sometimes that doesn’t quite work. The kids, girls and boys have been brilliantly directed and some of the choreography is quite excellent. The music is really good and some of the songs are excellent and again the kids are to the fore with solos and chorus work.

Natalie Acheson, Hellie Painter, Reece Fitzgerald and Marcus May with his tap dance routine catch the eye. Little orphan Anne not Annie is a red head who is more than a bit ‘lippy’ which makes getting a foster home difficult. The location is South Devon and there is a nod to the constitutional issues of the 1930s.

Daisy Hickmore is centre stage for most of the show and handles it really well whether acting, singing and dancing and is well supported by the other youngsters. A couple of the ‘adults’ need to project their voices a little more.

It’s an upbeat story with a happy ending and the audience can only be impressed with the talent on show. The production is well presented and you can only admire the work that must have gone on behind the scenes to achieve this standard.

Suitable for all
Runs to 13 August, 5.40pm
Tickets £10 (£8), (£6so) Family £30