Tracy, Underbelly Med Quad Buttercup, Review

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Jamie Jackson (Director), Sophie Morgan-Price (Writer), Hannah Eugenie Tookey (Producer), April Dalton (Set/Costume Designer), Charley Mackley (Lighting and Sound Designer, Kerri-Ann Charles (Stage Manager)
Sophie Morgan-Price (Tracy), Maeve Bluebell Wells (Gina), George Fletcher (Tom), Rebecca Durbin (Lucy)
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If you have ever felt pressured and under appreciated in your place of work, at least you aren’t a part of Tracy’s team. Hilarious from the first free-sample, the leadership in this sales department will have you howling with laughter, and running to aisle 12 for new knickers.

Head of the sales team at a supermarket, Tracy (Sophie Morgan-Price), has the arduous task of ensuring the work of her trusty workers, Tom (George Fletcher) and Gina (Maeve Bluebell Wells) are hitting all the right targets. Striving for promotion, this eccentric perfectionist hopes her team building skills will be enough to seal the deal and overthrow her nemesis, head of projection Lucy (Rebecca Durbin).

The refreshing combination of the vibrant pop art set/costume design, narration in the form of sickeningly sweet tannoy announcements and an education on how to secure a win in a game of hide ‘n’ seek, only adds to the outstandingly humorous script by writer and lead Sophie Morgan-Price. Her commendable comical timing was present in her ability to split the sides of her audience and supported by her co-stars inability to stifle a giggle at her physical spontaneity.

Laced with sexual innuendos, a high standard of physical comedy and brutally honest vulgarity at the expense of each other's characters, Morgan-Price has pushed every button and hit the funny bone right on the head.

Times: 7-19, 21-29 August, 1.45pm (2.35pm)
Tickets: £9 - £10