Edinburgh Comedy Festival

Edinburgh Comedy Festival

After having seen the glamorous trio that is Fascinating Aïda, I have to wonder how it has taken me so long to find this fabulous act. They have been performing since 1983, though with sl

Josie Long has been bringing quality stand-up to the Fringe for the last three or four years, winning the if.comedy award for Best Newcomer for her 2006 show, 'Kindness and Exuberance'. Her performances are generally marked by these gentler attributes, making her stand out from the usual vitriolic comedians that marks a lot of the newcomers to the Fringe comedy circuit.

Familiar to anyone who has ever seen the Police Academy movies, Michael Winslow's run at this year's Fringe has proven to be a huge success.

So here we are again its 2011 and the comedy shortlist has arrived.

Holmes and Watson have never been more energetic than with Max and Ivan filling their Victorian boots. You can be sure of a thoroughly entertaining hour as the pair take the adventure to Chicago.

We're around about the half-way mark of the Edinburgh Fringe (if you include preview dates), and I thought it would be a good time to take stock of how this year's Festival is going.

It’s difficult to review a show when you can barely see from tears of laughter.

BBC favourites Idiots of Ants have sold out three years running (see EG's reviews for 2008 and 2009), and it looks like they’ll do it again, with the irresistible wit of this year’s Model Citizens.

You are either with him or against him, but be warned that if you are with him he’ll undoubtedly put you in some very awkward positions. Doctor Brown’s Becaves has neither purpose nor sense of boundaries - but no matter how horrifying it gets, you’ll be unable to take your eyes off him.

In the blurb on his Edinburgh Fringe page, John Robins' show is described as "a show about stars, suitable for both dreamers and doubters alike." The positivity contained in that statemen

To use an old sports commentating cliché, Australian Benny Boot's show is one of two halves.