Edinburgh Film Festival

EIFF Review: Vinyan

Submitted by K H Brown on Mon, 29 Jun '09 9.48pm

Or Emmanuelle [Beart] and the Last Cannibals?

Horror films have never been that big in the Francophone world. One suspects
that the reason, besides the competing discourse of the fantastique, is
that they are seen as somewhat déclassé, not serious enough.

EIFF Review: Katalin Varga

Times were always hard for the British
Arthouse film-maker and never more so than right now. British
directors, those wishing to pursue more enlightened ideals than
cockney gangster geezer pastiches or clapped out movie vehicles for
overexposed TV stars, are increasingly looking abroad for funding.

EIFF: Marooned in a Room with Bill Forsyth

Submitted by edg on Thu, 25 Jun '09 6.47pm

I'm old enough to remember Bill Forsyth's first films Gregory's Girl and That Sinking Feeling resonating with me as a teenager when, in the early Eighties, I first watched them during half-term breaks in the North of Scotland. We thought they were great. The dark, understated comedies were familiar and strange at the same time - it seemed like some local kids had just strolled into the film, yet there was nothing else like these out there. Scottish feature films were few and far between back then.

EIFF: Le Donk and ATP Parties Reviewed

I can tell you this year's EIFF has nearly taken it out of
me. I decided to go for a swim this morning to try and remember what its like
to not be in a cinema and to feel...well just to feel anything to be honest. In
the last two weeks, my muscles for doing anything physical have atrophied into a
sitting half awake position and consequently I sank to the bottom of the pool
like a stone the second I jumped in.