City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Film Festival

Juana in a Million Review

Juana in a Million Star

If your country was eating itself from the inside out, if your family were risking life and limb for a failing dream, if somebody offered you a way out, what would you do?

EIFF Director Chris Fujiwara Gets 3 Year Contract

EIFF Director Chris Fujiwara (Gomez Q&A)

After what was widely considered a much improved Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF), compared to the debacle last year, the festival announced today that its artistic director Chris Fujiwara will continue in his role for a further three years.

Brave Review

Brave - Merida fires arrow

Pixar strikes gold again. For once, its latest opus is a slightly lesser, slightly muddled confection than usual but nevertheless effortlessly entertaining, a typically joyful romp of silliness and animated splendour.

One Mile Away Wins Michael Powell Award

EIFF 2012: One Mile Away

Director Penny Woolcock has been awarded the prestigious Michael Powell Award for Best British Feature Film for her film One Mile Away, a documentary following two members of rival Birmingham gangs as they attempt to broker a peace agreement.

Video: Peter Strickland on Berberian Sound Studio

Director Peter Strickland (who made Silver Bear winning drama Katalin Varga) talks about why Berberian Sound Studio, a film about a soundtrack artist from the Seventies, was so appealling to him. 

EIFF 2012 Best of the Fest Screenings

Toby Jones in Berberian Sound Studio

The Edinburgh Film Festival Best of the Fest programme has now been announced for Sunday 1 July.

EIFF 2012: Documentaries Review

The Search For Emak Bakia

Traditionally, documentaries at Edinburgh International Film Festival were given their own strand but this year, perhaps in acknowledgement of how many m

EIFF 2012: International Cinema Review

Modest Reception

Following last years damp squib of a line-up, which managed to please absolutely no-one and barely seemed to register an interest in global cinema, Edinburgh

Stars To Come Out for EIFF's Good But Not Daring Brave

Brave - Merida fires arrow

The Scottish stars of Disney-Pixar’s Brave will be piped onto a red carpet at the Festival Theatre for the Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF) closing gala and European Premiere of Brave on Saturday.

EIFF Blog: "It's Almost Like Last Year Didn't Happen"

EIFF director Chris Fujiwara with Gomez

EIFF artistic director Chris Fujiwara is ubiquitous. He's maintaining a daily blog with commentary on the festival, offering up recommendations via YouTube, while trying to be everywhere on the ground for guests, delegates, and audiences alike. There he is at the Filmhouse with Tabu director Miguel Gomes (above). And there he is again in another guise at the Traverse on Sunday night, playing bass in a 90-minute concert with his Philippine band The Brockas.