Edinburgh Film Festival

The Edinburgh Film Festival Best of the Fest programme has now been announced for Sunday 1 July.

Traditionally, documentaries at Edinburgh International Film Festival were given their own strand but this year, perhaps in acknowledgement of how many m

Following last years damp squib of a line-up, which managed to please absolutely no-one and barely seemed to register an interest in global cinema, Edinburgh

The Scottish stars of Disney-Pixar’s Brave will be piped onto a red carpet at the Festival Theatre for the Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF) closing gala and European Premiere of Brave on Saturday.

EIFF artistic director Chris Fujiwara is ubiquitous. He's maintaining a daily blog with commentary on the festival, offering up recommendations via YouTube, while trying to be everywhere on the ground for guests, delegates, and audiences alike. There he is at the Filmhouse with Tabu director Miguel Gomes (above). And there he is again in another guise at the Traverse on Sunday night, playing bass in a 90-minute concert with his Philippine band The Brockas.

I'm usually one of the last people to find out about film festival freebies and competitions, but if you haven't had your head stuck in the film festival these last few days then here's a couple of

Wasn't it a good idea to bring back the Michael Powell award? Or rather a bad idea to axe the competition in the first place. Here's three strong contenders for EIFF 2012's mantle of “Best British Feature”.

Pity the Edinburgh International Film Festival programmer who put together the series of free, outooor screenings of popular films on the especially

One of the key ingredients for the Edinburgh International Film Festival's anticipated return to form this year will be the re-introduction of awards.

Chris Menges, the Oscar-winning cinematographer of The Mission and The Killing Fields will be appearing at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, ope