City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Film Festival

EIFF 2011 Blog w/ The Divide director Xavier Gens

The Divide

The other stand-out piece for me at this year’s festival was the grim post-apocalyptic movie by French director Xavier Gens, The Divide.

Edinburgh International Film Festival 2011: Documentary

Bobby Fischer Against The World

For all its flaws, the Edinburgh Film Festival, which ends tomorrow, has presented a fine selection of documentaries from around the globe, possibly fostered by new connections with Sheffield’s much acclaimed documentary festival. They’ve ranged from inspired and thought-provoking all the way down to practically unwatchable.

Film of the Week: Hell and Back Again

Hell and Back Again still

When Sergeant Nathan Harris enlisted in the US Marines aged 18 he was asked ‘why do you want to join the army son?’ He replied ‘because I want to kill people sir’. The man signing him up said ‘that’s the best answer we’ve ever had’.

Edinburgh Film Festival To Host Bike Powered Screenings

EIFF's Bike Powered cinema

The Edinburgh International Film Festival is saving a few watts of energy at a series of bicycle powered film screenings this week. I say "bike powered" but you could as easily say it's "whisky powered" as the event - in a rare combination of a form of transport and alcohol - is being sponsored by Cutty Sark Blended Scotch Whisky.

EIFF - Days 4 & 5: The Good, The Bad and the BBC


I've just come out of a screening of 'My Brothers', thought it was a lovely little movie from first time writer Will Collins and first time director Paul Fraser.

EIFF - Day 3: "If it bleeds, we can review it..."

EIFF Horror

On Day three I decided to catch up with the actual films of the festival and try to leave the critical theory behind me for a day.

EIFF - Day 2: Project New Cinephilia

New Cinephilia at Inspace

My second day was almost entirely consumed by the day-long symposium that was Project: New Cinephilia. This seminar-esque attempt to create meaningf

Film of the Week: Perfect Sense


Since the Edinburgh International Film Festival is under way it seems only fitting that EG's Film Of The Week should focus on one its highlights.

Edinburgh International Film Festival: Day One - Calm Before The Storm


It’s underway then, and as we speak glasses of wine are being poured and the viewing public is preparing to decide what it thinks of opening night film,