City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Film Festival

EIFF Preview: "Remember Elliott, it's raining..."

Despite the rain, there was a fair crowd gathered to watch ET in Festival Square

During the summer the Filmhouse, in association with Edinburgh International Film Festival, put on a number of outdoor screenings. This summer Film Four are planning something similar. The outdoor cinema has never really taken off in the UK – presumably something to do with the weather? – but I caught The Jungle Book last year and it was a fantastic experience.

Fringe Brochure Hits the Street Tomorrow

Festival Fringe poster (cropped)

The Edinburgh International Film Festival starts a week tomorrow. The EIFF moved from August to June for more "breathing space", but this month's Edinburgh events calendar is still brimming with "festivals" of one kind or another.

Edinburgh International Film Festival Preview: Aristotle Recall


The Greek philosopher, Aristotle, was no stranger to intrigue. Controversy and rumour weave seamlessly into a life story that also includes great works of poetry, tragedy and ethical musings.

Edinburgh International Film Festival Preview: What Should We Expect?

What should we expect from this years Film Festival?

Now that the dust has settled on the launch it seems appropriate to take stock.

Thumbs Up For Edinburgh International Film Festival Launch

Mullighan in the frame

In spite of prior rumblings and fears, this year's EIFF will be more accessible and vibrant in many ways than previous years

EIFF Opening Film: The Guard

The Guard (EIFF opener)

After the Edinburgh International Film Festival's struggle with financial problems and loss of key personnel over the last year, you can understand why they might want to open the festival with a comedy.

Getting Ready For EIFF Programme Launch

Promo image for the EIFF 2011

The 65th Edinburgh International Film Festival draws ever closer, with the programme launch this Tuesday and the EIFF itself starting in a month. So what should we expect from the much discussed, but still uncertain "ambitious transformation" of the festival?

Dead By Dawn Film Festival

What was started in 1993 by Dead by Dawn festival director Adele Hartley as a response to a dare has developed into a regular slot in the Edinburgh film festival calendar.

Tilda Swinton Parting EIFF Was "Misreported" Says Film Fest Director

Swinton and Cousins

Edinburgh Film Festival director James Mullighan has rebutted recent media reports suggesting Mark Cousins, Linda Myles, and Tilda Swinton have "parted company" with the film festival and that the festival is running months behind schedule

New Europe Film Festival


The European Film Festival 2011 is a seasonal fest of 11 films showing at Edinburgh Filmhouse.