Free festival

Free shows at Edinburgh's Festivals

Ecofusion is a new event taking place at Holyrood Park aimed at getting more people, particularly from minority groups, to experience Scotland's outdoors.

I was walking down Frederick Street the other day on my way home to write up some Fringe reviews for EdinburghGuide when I was politely accosted by a couple of performers outside Fingers Piano Bar. It was 3.10pm. I was informed that their show Hoopla Impro was about to start. The good news was that their show is free and secondly that the bar was open.  Well, perhaps my reviews can wait an hour.

There may be no such thing as a free lunch but there is still a free fringe event. OK, there may be a bucket collection at the end, but in relative terms, this is as close to free as anything gets these days!

On the tiny "stage" in the corner of the bar three characters are going to tell you about their lives and what led them to be cabaret whores.

The 2009 Fringe programme includes 2098 shows with 34,265 performances in 265 performing spaces.

Fingers crossed the weather man will provide a sunny day to accompany the Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival's

The Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF) is hoping to add a touch more class to its annual festival in June by moving its red carpet galas to the

Feet First is a specially commissioned event for 1 January 2009 showcasing top Scottish street performance and outdoor arts.

The Dancin' is another free Hogmanay street party, taking up where the traditional Night Afore Fiesta left off.

Never having been to see anything at the free fringe, I had no idea what to expect.