Rock and pop

I first heard of this show through Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance.

Dressed in T-shirt and jeans, a scruff of facial hair, beatbox supremo Beardyman just had to slouch onto the stage for the full-house at Pleasance Grand to start whooping it up.

There are any number of earnest and passionate performers offering an hour of the best of themselves.

Janis Joplin might be gone, but more than forty years since her death, she is still not forgotten.

Spectacular singing and an upbeat comedic narrative make for a high-energy, uplifting theatrical experience.

Wistful is the one word that probably best describes a series of songs about a love affair. The show is based on the 2007 album of the same name created by Jaymay, released in the UK 2007.

Cheeky chappies Steven Worbey and Kevin Farrell whisked us on a rapid rollercoaster-ride of pianistic wizardry, spiced with kaleidoscopic colours and whirlwinds of sounds and enticed by cheery chat

The intriguing question in this new play ‘I’m With The Band’ poses is ‘if the British Isles were a rock band, how would it behave?’

Frisky and Mannish return to the Fringe with the tried and tested if it isn’t broke don’t fix it mentality, presenting a high energy hour of cabaret entertainment as they poke a big sti

The concert event Abba fans have been waiting for… The Swedish supergroup’s greatest hits performed LIVE with on-screen lyrics so everyone can join in!