Roots music

Toby Mottershead was a stand-out at the Space Media launch, impressing audiences with a passionate performance.

‘Made in Hong Kong, assembled in Fife’ is how musician Andy Chung describes his background. James Connolly, on the other hand, was very much made in, and by, Edinburgh.

Matthew Dames thrilled his audience at St Vincent's last night in his hour-long concert of twelve carefully selected songs.

It might be said that when traditional folk music is taken up by well known composers the outcome is art music.

Elsa Jean returns to the Fringe with a wonderful collection of folk music to launch her new album, Lassie Will Ye Go.

It’s not often you get a full gospel choir on stage at the Traverse, but there is one as ‘The Christians’ opens.

Performer and musicologist Jordi Savall has almost ten years on this reviewer.

Patrias evokes the aesthetic spirit of Lorca’s duende, creating a stirring glimpse of the Spanish Civil War that blazes with Andalusian accents and attitude.

After her recent brush with fame as a finalist on The Voice, Sally Barker is back to her roots as lead vocalist in the all female folk supergroup The Poozies, serenading us once again in the less comp

This round-up of some of the musical acts playing at the Fringe opened with an absolute bang courtesy of Simply Soweto Encha.