City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Manipulate Festival

La Causeuse (The Loveseat), manipulate Festival 2017, Traverse Theatre, Review

La Causeuse Sens Equivoc  -manipulate festival 2017.jpg

La Causeuse (The Loveseat) is an intriguing visual performance by Olivia Faye Lathuillière from France and Canada-based Sens Equivoc.

The End of Things, manipulate Festival 2017, Traverse, Review

The End of Things - Company of Wolves manipulate 2017.jpg

There’s no question that ‘The End of Things’ has huge ambitions. Company of Wolves explore the variousness and finitude of the human condition with, at times, a remarkable delicacy and exactitude.

Whispers, manipulate Festival 2017, Traverse, Review


As Edinburgh begins 2017’s manipulate festival, expectation is high. What has been an incredibly diverse, challenging and invigorating festival in past years is set to continue in its success.

Poli Dégaine, manipulate Festival 2017, Traverse, Review


The sight of striped puppet booth on the beach of UK seaside resorts holding the promise of a Punch and Judy show has been a common one for many years.

10 Years: manipulate Animation Programme 1, Traverse Theatre, Review


The manipulate Festival is celebrating its tenth anniversary with a rescreening of some of the best animated shorts from the last decade.

FISK, manipulate Festival 2017, Traverse, review

Alex Bird and Arran Howie in Fisk by Tortoise in a Nutshell

The sea’s engulfing capacity to dwarf human beings makes it a perfect metaphor for souls lost in loneliness and overwhelmed by despair.

manipulate Visual Theatre Festival 2017

Celebrating all things theatrically visual, manipulate is back again next January for its 10th year, with Edinburgh folk able to catch performances and workshops at both the Traverse Theatre

Public Choice Awards, manipulate Festival, Review


The Public Choice Awards is an opportunity for you - the viewing audience - to choose your favourite animation films from those made in the last two years.

Gobo. Digital Glossary, manipulate Festival, Review

Gobo. Digital Glossary. - a scene

Gobo. Digital Glossary from St.Petersburg’s AKHE Theatre is, for British audiences, a brave new world.

Bird, manipulate Festival, Review


Bird is a one-woman show produced by FERAL and feral it is.