City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Manipulate Festival

Seams and Embers, manipulate Festival 2014, Review

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A wee diamond of a film hewn from Scotland’s coal’s history.

Go!, manipulate Festival 2014, Review


A gentle light shone on a life as it shrinks to smallness.

Hotel de Rive, manipulate Festival 2014, Review

Hotel de Rive

In placing experimental work at the heart of its programme, particularly performances combining hybrids of form, the Manipulate Festival is always strongly flavoured with the strange and unusual.

Priit Parn doublebill and Q&A, manipulate Festival 2014, Review

Priit Parn's Divers in the Rain

The Manipulate Festival continued on Wednesday night with a doublebill from Priit Pärn.

Scrapyard and Unhinged Double Bill, manipulate Festival 2014, Review

Paper Doll Militia

Manipulate is already at the mid-point of its Edinburgh run and the Traverse is buzzing and enjoying a packed house for this Double Bill.

Torn, manipulate Festival 2014, Review

Torn - at manipulate 2014

A brand new take on an age old theme.

It's Such a Beautiful Day, manipulate Festival 2014, Review

It's Such A Beautiful Day (frame)

The Traverse Theatre has been host to the annual manipulate Festival for six of its seven year existence and Monday night saw it kicked off again in great style in the Traverse Bar.

Seas of Organillo, manipulate Festival 2014, Review

Seas of Organillo with Stephen Mottram

The annual manipulate Festival of puppetry and animation aims "to entertain, intrigue and inspire” and certainly Seas of Organillo did just that.

Bestiaires, manipulate Festival 2014, Review

Bestiaires - a scene

It’s a somewhat down-at-heel and down-in-the-mouth Cupid (Mart Müürisepp?) - the reason for uncertainty arises from the recent practice of listing company members without specifying role) on whom the

manipulate Visual Theatre Festival Returns In 2014

Manipulate animation still

As St Andrew Square and Princes Street are being transformed to accommodate the forthcoming Yuletide celebrations, it i