Scotland Bans Smoking in Public Places

Submitted by edg on Sun, 26 Mar '06 7.00am

Today, 6am on 26th March 2006, the Scottish Executive banned smoking in all enclosed public places in Scotland. For Scots used to habituating the fug of low-ceiled smoky pubs this is a landmark decision. 

Under the Scottish Executive's ruling it is an offence to smoke in a public place, permit someone to smoke in a public place and to fail to display signage in a public place saying that smoking is not allowed. This includes everything from restaurants, hotels and pubs to private clubs and, apparently, telephone boxes too.

Smokers will be allowed to smoke in public places designated for smoking by the proprietor/owner of the establishment that are "‘wholly or substantially enclosed". Clearing The Air Scotland says:

This is an area with a ceiling or roof that – except for doors, windows and passageways – is either wholly enclosed (whether permanently or temporarily); or is enclosed but for an opening which is less than half of the area of its walls.

The laws will be enforced by Environmental Health Officers. If you smoke in a non-smoking area, the fixed penalty fine for breaking the new law will be £50 and if you don't give your name and address a fixed penalty fine of £100. Those in charge of a no-smoking premises are liable for £200. Refusing to pay or failure to pay may result in prosecution and a fine of up to £2,500.

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