Scottish Government Outlines National Planning Framework for Scotland 2030

Submitted by edg on Tue, 8 Jan '08 10.29pm

The Scottish government outlined 9 infrastructure projects that could be potential national developments in the second National Planning Framework which is out for consultation today.

The proposed National Developments projects, which include "enhancements" to Edinburgh airport and the recently announced Replacement Forth Bridge crossing, would "improve competitiveness, contribute to tackling climate change, protect the quality of natural and built environments and promote improved opportunities and a better quality of life."

At least, that's the hope. The debate about whether all these things can be accomplished through these projects starts now.

Making the announcement today, cabinet secretary for Finance and Sustainable Growth John Swinney said:

"The Government Economic Strategy requires a planning framework that supports sustainable economic growth across Scotland while protecting the quality of the natural and built environment.

"That is why we have identified our strategic priorities for investment in transport, energy and environmental infrastructure in the draft National Planning Framework.

"Enhancing our national infrastructure with National Developments will create a more successful country, increase sustainable economic growth and create opportunities for all of Scotland to flourish."

The projects are:

* facilities and infrastructure to support the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games
* grid reinforcements to support renewable energy development
* a replacement Forth crossing
* enhancements to Edinburgh Airport
* enhancements to Glasgow Airport
* enhanced access to the Grangemouth Freight Hub
* the Rosyth International Container Terminal
* the Scapa Flow Container Transhipment Facility
* the Glasgow Strategic Drainage Scheme

Following a national debate, the final National Planning Framework will be published by the Scottish government in the winter of 2008.