Beam Theatre Presents Aaron Sorkin's A Few Good Men

Beam Theatre presents Aaron Sorkin’s breakthrough stage production, A Few Good Men at Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh, 8-11 February.

First produced on Broadway in 1989 and followed with an Academy Award-nominated film version in 1992, Aaron Sorkin’s A Few Good Men pits inexperienced Navy lawyer, Lt. Kaffee (Michael Davies), against top brass as he attempts to defend two Marines on trial for murder.

Sitting in the audience, you will feel the military establishment bustling around you, as Beam’s third production is an ambitious staging of Sorkin’s riveting courtroom drama which questions honour, duty and humanity.

Based on events that took place at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in July 1986, high-level conspiracy is uncovered, with Sorkin’s text expertly exploring the nature of military mentality, loyalty and the Marine code of honour.

As the court case proceeds and the spectre of conspiracy arises, the tenacious Kaffee finds himself asking complex questions that demand answers, spiralling into high drama at its best, which expertly weaves wise cracking humour and captivating suspense.

Director Andra Roston is excited to bring this production to the stage alongside a 16 strong cast as she explains:

“I’m a huge fan of Aaron Sorkin and have wanted to direct the show since I read the play about 5 years ago.

“I knew that some innovative staging would need to be used in order to accommodate the fast pacing and rhythm that Sorkin’s well known for.

“I also wanted us to challenge ourselves and our audience to embrace a new idea and design choice – this will definitely be a more active and engaging experience for the audience as we hope they feel like they are part of the action, which also ultimately serves the writing and the work, plus the underlying themes of loyalty and corruption are just as relevant today as when penned in the 80s.”

Beam Theatre was founded in 2015 to be a creative outlet for those who want to produce high-quality theatre in a non-professional capacity; to innovate and create a fun experience for all involved.

The company’s previous productions, I Hate Hamlet (2015) and In Love and Warcraft (2016) have been received warmly by audiences and critics alike who praise the young company for producing high quality work for theatre lovers.

The key to Beam Theatre’s ethos is collaboration. The company is exactly that – a company, with everyone contributing with equal enthusiasm, perfectly exemplified with current cast members contributing to the creative, with Ian Fallon creating the stunning visual for the show, and John J Campbell producing the enticing teaser trailer.

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A Few Good Men is on at Assembly Roxy, 8-11 February at 7.30pm.

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