Grads bring Graham Linehan’s The Ladykillers to Edinburgh

The Edinburgh Graduate Theatre Group (The Grads), who’ve been putting on theatre productions in Edinburgh for over 60 years tackling challenging contemporary work, continue their reputation with their latest production The Ladykillers

The classic Ealing Studios comedy with Motion Picture Screenplay by William Rose has been brilliantly reimagined for the stage by the creator of Father Ted, Blackbooks, and The IT Crowd.

When criminal mastermind Professor Marcus and a motley crew of misfits pose as amateur musicians to rent rooms from the sweetly eccentric Mrs. Wilberforce, the police have no idea that they’re planning a daring bank robbery. But Mrs. Wilberforce is not so easily deceived. With his brilliant plot rumbled, the Professor decides there’s only one way to keep the old lady quiet – Mrs. Wilberforce must face the music. And he doesn’t mean a string quartet…

This ambitious production by the Grads is directed by David Grimes with a cast of Edinburgh Graduate stalwarts and emerging talent.

Performances May 10th – May 13th at7:30pm at Assembly Roxy Ticket price £10