Holyrood Park Road Closures For Festival Fireworks

Submitted by edg on Wed, 29 Aug '12 4.14pm

Holyrood Park will be closed to vehicle traffic during the end of the Edinburgh Festival Fireworks Display.

All of the park roads with the exception of the loop road between Horse Wynd and Holyrood Gait/Holyrood Road, will be closed to traffic between 20.00pm and 22.30pm on Sunday 2nd September 2012. A number of park rangers will be on also be on duty.

The closures are for public safety reasons due to the high volume of pedestrians who wish to use the Park as a viewing spot for the fireworks.

Martin Gray, Historic Scotland Visitor Services Manager for Holyrood Park, said;

“The end of festival fireworks attracts thousands of visitors to Holyrood Park looking to enjoy the fantastic views of the fireworks display from the Castle.

“It is an opportunity for people to have fun, but it is important that this is done safely.

“Last year the Park experienced significant traffic congestion, as well as people parking on the verges of the park which impinged on people’s ability to enjoy the fireworks as well as posing a safety risk.

“We have taken the decision to close the roads to limit this and would encourage visitors to access the park by foot to take advantage of the open environment around them.”