City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Great Scots, Gilded Balloon Basement Theatre, Review

By Erin Roche - Posted on 07 May 2018

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Rose Theatre
Gilded Balloon
Chris Forbes, Daniel Sloss
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Aptly named, Great Scots is a podcast show of interviews with some of Scotland’s most talented creative minds, recorded live in the Gilded Balloon’s Basement Theatre. With comedian Chris Forbes at the helm of the Great Scots series, this night/episode welcomed Daniel Sloss to the microphone, and all his wits and irreverence to boot.

Walking into the room for the recording, you realise the event is really just a bit of a chat, an intimate eavesdropping on a fantastic conversation. Coming to Great Scots as the audience, you can expect a few laughs, especially with Daniel Sloss on as a guest, but you’ll also get a personal behind-the-curtain look at the specific pathways these guests have taken in their careers. For Sloss, we sat there listening and chatting with him as he talked about early gigs, the science of comedy, career-making moves, the difference between the American and British comedy circuits, and even his responsibility for the Floyd Mayweather/ Conor McGregor match (you’ll have to listen to the podcast for the back story).

Though only 27, Sloss has become a household name in the UK, and has built a following all over the world, not to mention appearing on Conan a whopping 8 times and selling out 11 consecutive Edinburgh Fringe runs. Unapologetic and self-deprecating, Sloss definitely shows no fear when it comes to his comedy, taking pride in his approach of taking the darkest, most honest thoughts in his mind and justifying them to the audience. If he’s polarising, he’s happy to be. The interview was entertaining and natural, but that’s to be expected with a friendship between host and guest that’s at least 9 years strong.

This performance of Great Scots was really a treat; I don’t think many people get the chance to sit down for a cosy hour with some of Scotland’s best creative talent. If you’ve missed this series of live interviews, Chris Forbes and Daniel Sloss both have shows on at the Fringe, and the podcast will be released this summer.