City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Elizabeth Blackadder Restrospective at National Gallery of Scotland

By Libcull - Posted on 29 July 2011

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Scottish National Gallery of Scotland

Dame Elizabeth Blackadder is now 80 and this is her first major retrospective. It takes up all the rooms in the Scottish National Gallery starting from her student days to the present.

I was quite excited to see the range of her work, as I do think that some of her work can be thought as decorative. I'm thinking of the flowers laid out on the painting as though they had just been picked, with no background, or feeling of a painting.

Then there were some of her works which could be called paintings, with fore, mid and background, and the whole being an entity, but it was often bitty with almost memorabilia from her holidays.

The paintings I liked the most the ones of the fishes in Japan. These are really stunning and she deserves all the accolades for these.

So in summary, I was disappointed by the exhibition, but felt it an education which I was happy to have undertaken.

Show continues until 2nd January 2012

Tickets £8 (£6)