City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Review: Little Boots (Ellie Goulding in support), 25 October 2009

By Loorn85 - Posted on 12 November 2009

Little Boots
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Little boots, otherwise known as Victoria Christina Hesketh, far surpasses the metaphorical implications of her particular namesake.  Having expected (rather ignorantly) someone of such small stature would struggle to fill the HMV Picture House with her sweet little electro pop beats and heart-warming poshy voice - she did not.

Similar acts to Little Boots, the likes of Florence and the Machine, Ladyhawke and La Roux, all tend to push the boundaries of their music with either unusual fashion taste or gender conspiracy theories.

However, Little Boots - normal looking, nice voice, small entourage, not entirely original - material seems to achieve just as much without making much of an effort at all.

Well, maybe some effort… she was wearing some sparkly pants at the beginning then continued to change her costume intermittently which wasn’t really necessary considering the quality of her overall performance. Although there were a lot of youths in the audience. Perhaps regarding teenagers attention spans these days it was necessary.

The crowd having just witnessed one of the best new acts to suddenly appear on Jools Holland - Ellie (seriously fantastic songs and lovely hair) Goulding, Little Boots had to pull a performance worthy of her headlining such a line-up.

Goulding-like Little Boots, possesses a charming vocality which she harmonises with an almost drum and base style of electro and without “going on” she is definitely one to follow in the future. She arrived on stage in a cloud of smoke and lights like the unveiling of some almighty God of Valhalla and her performance pretty much continued at that pace.

Little Boots certainly possesses a stage presence which is confident, but without that kind of air of overindulgence in her musical superiority. She is multitalented, hopping from instrument to instrument unfazed by the crowd staring and shouting in the large auditorium.

Her album is better live than you could expect and the versatility of how she can perform her repertoire is impressive. Having played such songs Hands and Remedy she finished on an acoustic version of Stuck on Repeat which launched into a massive electro extravaganza which the crowd were particularly enamoured with as they were the whole performance. One audience member recalling “That was f**king minted”. Indeed it was. Indeed.